-- WWE star The Miz was in the United Arab Emirates last week to promote WWE's return to the region for a three-day tour from October 10 to October 12. The tour last year was described as a "major success" pulling in an estimated $2 million over three dates. The company averaged 5,000 to 6,000 fans per show and were able to charge much higher tickets due to the strong economy there.

-- For those who always ask me about pay-per-view streams, I’ll throw this out there with the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view tonight. We are not affiliated with this website at all but I use WBSports.net. Basically you sign up for an account, make it ‘elite’ (it’s like $15 or something for the entire month – all PPVs (WWE, TNA, UFC, etc.) and you get a HQ Quality stream. It works every time for us and never skips. Again, we’re not affiliated with the site but I always get asked so here you go.

-- Here are this week's additions to WWE Classics on Demand:

The Big Events:

* Rebellion 2001

Classics Rewind:

* Monday Night Wars: Nitro 12/8/97

* Monday Night Wars: Raw 12/8/97

* Tuesday Night Titans 2/14/86

Class of 2013:

* WWF World Champion Bob Backlund vs. Adrian Adonis MSG 1/18/82

* Battle of the Billionaires: Umaga With Vince McMahon vs. Bobby Lashley with Donald Trump Wrestlemania 23

* GWF North American Tag Team Champions The Ebony Experience vs. Rod Price & John Tatum GWF 8/17/92

* Bruno Sammartino vs. Ken Patera MSG 8/29/77

Jolly Good Stuff:

* Mid South TV Champion Adrian Street vs. Chris Adams Mid South Wrestling 10/20/84

* Billy Roberson vs. Ken Patera AWA All Star Wrestling 11/8/81

* Finlay vs. Paul Burchill Smackdown 5/26/06

* Lord Alfred Hayes vs. Bobby Heenan AWA All Star Wrestling 1/13/80

* Lord Littlebrook vs. Cowboy Lang MSG 6/14/86

TV Classics:

* NWA's WCW on TBS 7/30/88

* Monday Night Raw 4/12/99