Laura Cole, a reporter for CBS Sacramento who attended Monday's RAW at the Power Balance Pavilion, is covering CM Punk's altercation with an attendee at the show. She noted on Twitter that she is trying out to find out whether the attendee will press charges against Punk after being attacked by the WWE Superstar.

"Just talked to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department about the alleged incident involving a fan and @CMPUNK. The Department says they took a report about the alleged incident involving @CMPunk," Cole wrote. "They say the fan complained of knee pain. The Department says they will look at the alleged incident to determine whether to forward the findings to the District Attorney's Office. I only had a few minutes with the fan involved with the alleged incident before Deputies needed to speak with him for a second time. As of last night, that fan DID NOT say whether he would consider filing charges. I didn't get the chance to ask him that question."

As noted earlier here on the website, the fan that caused the entire incident that led to CM Punk striking another fan last night is now bragging about it on Twitter. Dario Teyes posted the following on Twitter about last night's incident…

"bro I'm the one that was fucking with him lmao them he rocked an innocent fan. that guy is about to be a millionaire!!! I punched [Punk's] kidney and slapped his back hella hard. bro [Punk] straight pounced on a poor day white guy. I hit him ran away then ran back and stood next to him cause I saw the camera."

When asked why no one pointed him out to security, he said, "cause I dipped fast! Come on now poor fat guy is just hanging out putting his glasses on."

When Teyes was told he was going to get caught, he responded, "no one ever has and no one ever will."

We'll see where WWE or local authorities go from here now that the fan has outed himself. It's clearly not the smartest move on his part.