-- The official WWE website has published WWE Magazine exclusive photos of Natalya.

-- William Regal has dismissed online reports claiming that he said WWE was searching for "ROH style" wrestlers while evaluating five prospects at this week's television events in Canada.

He wrote on Twitter, "Someone has just tweeted me about something that I'm supposed to have said over the last two days while spending time and giving invaluable advise to wrestlers who come to be looked at by the WWE. I know I'm old and my standards are different to most but it really sickens me that someone out of the five people I saw this week would do that. Whats more appalling to me is that I never actually said what was quoted and so it shows that they weren't even listening. Such a shame."

Regal was also asked whether he is retired from the squared circle since he now works behind-the-scenes. He responded, "I do bits of it all."