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Ric Flair
Richard Morgan Fliehr
  • Birthdate: 02/25/1949 (age 67)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 243 Ib

Flair is considered to be one of the greatest p...

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- WWE.com has a new article up asking fans what which Superstar is the most infamous Intercontinental Champion of all time? You can vote on the following:

* Mr. Perfect 

* Cody Rhodes

* Goldust

* Jeff Jarrett

* Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

* Tito Santana

* Razor Ramon

* The Honky Tonk Man

* Ultimate Warrior 

* Owen Hart

* Chris Jericho 

*Ken Shamrock 

* Pat Patterson 

* "Ravishing" Rick Rude

* Rob Van Dam

- WWE.com has an article up asking their Superstars if they could chose another Superstars entrance, what would it be?

* John Cena chose Ric Flair's entrance

* Daniel Bryan chose The Ultimate Warrior's entrance

* Randy Orton chose Rusev's entrance

* Paige chose Edge's entrance

* AJ Lee chose Hardcore Holly's entrance