-- WWE.com has posted a playlist of Dave Batista's "most epic matches". You can view them at this link.

-- Batista tweeted the following during Monday night's WWE RAW broadcast:

“I can’t wait to get to the Cheesefest in Hoakietown and punch somebody right In the f’n face! Playtime’s over children.”

During RAW when WWE showed Batista's tweet, they edited out the "f’n" part.

-- Colt Cabana recently spoke with the The Cleveland Plain Dealer and talked about several WWE tryouts he's had in the past. Cabana said:

“I’m just riding the wave of fun right now. The WWE has been weirdly talking with me for over a year now. I can’t rely on them though. I do my own thing until stuff gets concrete. Right now, I can’t worry if I’ll be doing announcing or anything else. I know I want to concentrate on continuing to wrestle around the world and growing my comedy stuff. All I can say about the future is that I’m going to be having fun with wrestling. That’s a guarantee.”