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Linda McMahon
Linda Marie Edwards
  • Birthdate: 10/04/1948 (age 66)
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 146 Ib

She is notable for her career developing WWE wi...

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The Connecticut Democratic Party continues to attack Linda McMahon with racy WWE footage that occurred while she reigned as the sports-entertainment organization's CEO.

After releasing an attack video Monday showcasing clips of Edge and Lita's "Live Sex Celebration" and Triple H dressed as Kane simulating mock sex with a mannequin in a casket, the party posted a video of the infamous "Hot Lesbian Action" segment that occurred on RAW ten years ago. The video, which was posted on, was quickly removed due to a third-party notification by WWE claiming copyright infringement.

Eric Bischoff, the then-figurehead of RAW, announced on September 9, 2002 the introduction of an exciting and revolutionary new segment—“H.L.A.” Roughly an hour later, Bischoff returned and introduced two women—Looney Lane and Savvy from the California-based independent promotion Ultimate Pro Wrestling. They were given no names—the on-screen graphic simply identified them as “The Lesbians.” The two young ladies proceeded to kiss each other deeply and strip down to their undergarments in front of the audience. Bischoff them summoned the enforcer tandem Three Minute Warning, who proceeded to assault the two young women into unconsciousness.