-- The second episode of WWE Main Event drew 1.33 million viewers. That is a solid hold for the second episode, compared to the 1.40 million that the first episode drew.

-- The company's kid show Saturday Morning Slam on October 6th drew 1.24 million viewers. The show continues to rise following a premiere at 1.13 million viewers at the end of August.

-- As reported earlier, the 10/15 WWE Monday Night Raw drew a 2.79 (2.8) cable rating, with an average of 3.98 million viewers. The first hour drew 4.06 million viewers, the second hour drew 4.01 million viewers and the third hour dropped way down to 3.88 million viewers. That's not a good sign at all. Although overall viewers were higher last week at 4.19 million viewers, the rating was up slightly from last week's 2.78.

Below are RAW comparison numbers since 7/23.

7/23 RAW: 6.02 million viewers (average)

7/30 RAW: 4.50 million viewers (average)

8/6 RAW: 4.37 million viewers (average)

8/13 RAW: 4.13 million viewers (average)

8/20 RAW: 4.48 million viewers (average)

8/27 RAW: 4.48 million viewers (average)

9/3 RAW: 4.20 million viewers (average)

9/10 RAW: 4.14 million viewers (average)

9/17 RAW: 4.1 million viewers (average)

9/24 RAW: 3.79 million viewers (average)

10/1 RAW: 3.5 million viewers (average)

10/8 RAW: 4.12 million viewers (average)

10/16 RAW: 3.98 million viewers (average)

WWE RAW ranked #3 on cable TV for the night behind the NFL's Monday Night Football and TNT's "Major Crimes".