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David Michael Bautista Jr.
  • Birthdate: 01/18/1969 (age 46)
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 278 Ib

Best known for his time in the WWE under the ri...

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-- Some within WWE were confused and surprised that WWE aired promos for WrestleMania 29 coming to New York and New Jersey on the same night the states were getting hit by Hurricane Sandy.

-- Hollywood insiders are predicting that The Man With The Iron Fists will come in at #4 in the box office this weekend. Universal is projecting $7-10 million in total gross for the weekend.

Dave Baustista is in the film as "Brass Body". The film opened in only 1,868 theaters even with stars like Russell Crowe. This is compared to the 3,752 locations for Wreck-It Ralph, which is expected to get the #1 spot. You can find more information here.

-- The Fight Network has announced via press release that they are hitting the US market via an exclusive broadcast deal with NeuLion, Inc. The network will be available here as of now via a subscription service, with annual subscribers getting two months of free service upon launch. The service will include shows dedicated to MMA, boxing, kickboxing, professional wrestling, judo, karate and submission grappling among other disciplines.

Fight Network CEO Leonard Asper said, "We've had significant interest from people in the U.S. asking us for years how they can get our service. Well, now they can. This marks an important milestone for Fight Network's international expansion strategy, taking its successful channel beyond Canada to the global market."