-- Just to recap - the originally scheduled John Cena vs. Ryback match at the upcoming WWE Payback PPV on 6/16 in Chicago has now been changed to a Three Stages of Hell match. The match, which will be contested under 2 out of 3 falls rules, will feature the following: Lumberjack match (first fall), Tables match (second fall) and Ambulance match (third fall).

-- As noted late last night here on the website, WWE is now officially advertising the return of CM Punk for the upcoming Payback PPV on 6/16 in Chicago. A segment took place Monday night on RAW where Paul Heyman accepted a challenge on behalf of Punk by Chris Jericho for a match at the PPV in three weeks.

-- The June issue of WWE Magazine as a feature on the Payback PPV, which takes place June 16. The article teases CM Punk's return to the show.

It reads:

Punk's Best Chicago Moments

- No one else has made the most of a hometown crowd than CM Punk. WWE Payback hails from Chi-Town, and if the moments below are any indication, it's going to be another big night for him.

It then lists the following Chicago moments:

1. Extreme Rules 2012 (CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho)

2. Money in the Bank 2011 (CM Punk vs. John Cena)

3. RAW-January 19,2009

4. WrestleMania 22