WWE recently sent out a survey to their WWE Fan Council on Friday to ask respondents to evaluate their interest in "WWE TV tapings." WWE wanted to know the opinions from fans on online spoilers from TV tapings, habits of viewing spoilers before shows air and what websites fans visit for live results/reporting in their programming.

WWE recently has begun announcing major SmackDown spoilers the night of the tapings on WWE.com to try and scoop wrestling news outlets. It is also believed, however, the effect also drives people to news outlets for objective views and legitimate information on the items WWE is self-spoiling. For quite some time, WWE has wanted to make a website that is a one-stop location for WWE information. In the past, WWE has gone through phases of regularly spoiling TV tapings, then later ignoring TV taping results, releasing insider information and then pulling back and also mixing in storyline-driven news as well which complicates matters.