Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- WWE officials are reportedly angry that Glenn Beck turned down their invite to appear on RAW. As a result, WWE is now planning to mock Glenn Bock on Monday's RAW and Stephanie McMahon called for a big rewrite of Monday's RAW script.

-- WWE's Ricardo Rodriguez made the following messages on his Twitter account, taunting Glenn Beck to accept the invitation from WWE to be on RAW:

"Hey @GlennBeck let's do a little debate on a show that people actually watch unlike yours!!! I'll bring the Vicks in case you need to cry"

"It's cool @GlennBeck ! I'll go easy on you, I know how sensitive you are. "I'm already booked"?! Huevos! Yeah sure, buddy!"

"This is probably the most people have riled up for @glennbeck! You're welcomed for being famous again burro ! #ignorance"