UPDATE: With WWE recently adopting a new logo style, Entertainment Weekly released a report looking at the WWE logo that examines how the logo has changed throughout the years. It goes back to the old WWF logo from 1982 all the way up to the new logo this week.

WWE officially announced the new logo corporate change earlier this week.

ORIGINAL: WWE has officially announced their new logo. The company issued a press release announcing that it has "officially changed its corporate logo to convey a more contemporary, bold and powerful image while maintaining the iconic "W," which has been a part of the company's long-storied history."

Stephanie McMahon commented, saying, "We are excited to launch a new logo that reflects the evolution and future of WWE's global brand. While we usher in a new iconic brand identity, WWE's best-in-class entertainment, which has stood the test of time for the past 50 years, will continue to reward our fans' passion with our exciting blend of unique characters, incredible athleticism and engaging storylines."

The logo was unveiled on Twitter by Vince McMahon, which you can see below--complete with requisite $9.99 price point for the WWE Network. Because someone out there, somewhere, might not have known the price or forgotten for a moment.