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Here is an update for WWE's current European tour:

WWE European Tour Day 4 Preview

The European Tour continues Saturday with Raw in Manchester, England and Smackdown in Leipzig, Germany.

The Raw show is scheduled to feature C.M. Punk vs. Ryback for the WWE Title and John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler. The Smackdown show is scheduled to feature Big Show vs. Sheamus in a return match from Hell in a Cell.

11/2 - RAW house show Newcastle, U.K.

11/3 - RAW house show Manchester, U.K.

11/3 - SmackDown house show Leipzig, Germany

11/4 - RAW house show Nottingham, U.K.

11/4 - SmackDown house show London, U.K.

11/5 - SmackDown TV taping Birmingham, U.K.

11/6 - SD TV taping Birmingham, U.K.

11/6 - SmackDown house show Glasgow, Scotland

11/7 - RAW house show Belfast, N. Ireland

11/7 - SmackDown house show Brussels, Belgium

11/8 - RAW house show Dublin, Ireland

11/8 - SmackDown house show Zurich, Switzerland

11/9 - RAW house show Cardiff, Wales

11/9 - SmackDown house show Malaga, Spain

11/10 - RAW house show Minehead, U.K.

11/10 - SmackDown house show Lisbon, Portugal