WWE’s New Cruiserweight Show?, White/Lesnar, The Rock


— Yahoo.com did an interview with Dana White discussing Brock Lesnar and his return to the WWE. White noted in the contract Brock had with the UFC that he could go back and work for WWE.

— The Rock was recently interviewed by Contact Music about G.I. Joe: Retaliation and how he wants to improve the franchise.

— BuffaloNews.com has an article up on The Destroyer, Dick Beyer.

— The Biography Channel aired Breaking The Magicians Code today, which featured some of the WWE Divas.

Steven Muehlhausen sent this one in: My name is Steven Muehlhausen and I host a Pro Wrestling Show in Chicago called The Fight Club Chicago and I recently conducted an interview with Independent Wrestler Steven Walters, as he recently had a tryout match with WWE. Walters has also appeared as an extra on WWE TV as an EMT in the angle that exited John Morrison from the WWE, and he was used as a cameraman when he was attacked by Mark Henry when he was World Champion. During the interview, Walters talks about how he has been approached by WWE for a Cruiserweight Show on the WWE Network. Walters on being contacted by WWE: “I’ve been in contact back and forth from WWE about that Cruiserweight Show they’re going to be putting on the network soon. They’re looking for guys my size, around 200 pounds, like around 5ft 9 to 6ft tall also. I’ve been going back and forth with them a few times about that.” When he was contacted: “It wasn’t long after I did that extra spot for them in December. I got hit with a chair. I got a chance to talk to Lauranitis a little bit. I got a 1 on 1 meeting with him. That was one of the things he approached me about.” Last time he talked to them: “I talked to them was about 3-4 weeks ago. They had to push the debut of it back to later this year around November or so.” The rest of the interview we talk about his close friendship with Hall of Famer Edge, what he has meant to him and much more. You can listen to the complete interview at www.sportstownchicago.com/fightclub.

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