WWE Storyline Update + Goldberg’s Return To The Ring?, More


Partial Source: Michael Bluth

— WWE sent out the following text earlier this evening: Maddox Found: Suspended WWE ref Brad Maddox, who disappeared following HIAC, has resurfaced. Tune in to Main Event on ION, Wed. at 8/7CT for further news.

— Former WCW & WWE star Bill Goldberg answered some fan questions on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon. Here are some highlights of what he said:

* He is not under a WWE Legends contract

* He likes Mick Foley better than CM Punk, “hands down.”

* John Cena “Seems like a great kid..”

* Sting is “absolutely” cool in person.

* “Yes” – there is a possibility we’ll see him in the ring again.

* He wishes Dave Bautsta the best.

* He said Brock Lesnar is an “Awesome dude” and one of the few people from the wrestling business.

* He always liked Randy Orton.

* He does not keep in touch with Shawn Michaels or Triple H. A fan asking him if he likes Triple H is the “Funniest question all day.” When asked if he and Triple H could ever make peace, he said, “We’re from 2 different planets.”

* A fan asking if Chris Jericho really beat him up backstage is the “2nd funniest question.”

* If MMA was popular back when he was getting into wrestling, he would have done MMA.

* The most fulfilling thing he’s done professionally was playing football.

* He’s “Unbelievably honored” that fans still chant his name after all these years.

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