Brock Lesnar
Brock Edward Lesnar
  • Birthdate: 07/12/1977 (age 39)
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 286 Ib

From a young age, he was wrestling in college w...

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Below is a. updated schedule of The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho's advertised appearances leading up to WrestleMania. Chris Jericho will be touring with Fozzy from February 23rd through March 4th, which will exclude him from two weeks of TV leading into WrestleMania:

* February 17th Elimination Chamber: Rock, Jericho

* February 18th Raw (Lafayette, Lousiana): Rock, Jericho

* February 19th SD (Biloxi, Mississippi): None of the above

* February 25th Raw (Dallas, Texas): Lesnar

* February 26th SD (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma): None of the above

* March 4th Raw (Buffalo, New York): The Rock

* March 5th SD (Albany, New York): None of the above

* March 11th Raw (Indianapolis, Indiana): Lesnar, Jericho

* March 12th SD (Ft. Wayne, Indiana): Jericho

* March 18th Raw (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania): Lesnar, Jericho

* March 19th SD (Cincinnati, Ohio): Jericho

* March 25th Raw (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania): Rock, Jericho

* March 26th SD (Hershey, Pennsylvania): Rock, Jericho

* April 1st Raw (Washington, D.C.): Rock, Lesnar, Jericho.

* April 7th WrestleMania 29 (MetLife Stadium): The Rock

* April 8th Raw (E. Rutherford, New Jersey): Rock, Jericho

* April 9th SD (Boston, Massachusetts): Triple H, Jericho