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-- We noted earlier here on the website that WWE recently began showing footage of the old "WWF scratch logo". The logo wasn't being blurred as it had been in the past. Many were wondering why this had been done as "WWF" was always blurred out. There was speculation that some sort of agreement had been reached between the two sides and that is now the case. In an update on this, we can confirm that WWE recently paid WWF (World Wildlife Fund) a good amount of money to continue using the logo. Basically, there was some sort of settlement reached where WWE is now allowed to use the logo on footage as long as it's archived and not new stuff. It is being said that WWE saved a ton of time and money by reaching the settlement.

-- As noted earlier this week, former TNA star Alex Shelly is booked for the upcoming New Japan tour in September. DH Smith, Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer), Low Ki and Alex Koslov are also booked for the tour.

-- spoke to SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia, who recalled her unconventional route to WWE in 1999.

Garcia, who had not watched wrestling since she was a child and was an aspiring musician in the New York City area, was contacted by her agent to audition for a television role with WWE. It was successful and she was soon offered a one-year contract to become the ring announcer of RAW. Garcia, however, would only commit to a two to three month trial run at first. After falling in love with WWE, she signed a one-year contract and ", here I am, (thirteen) years later," Garcia says.

After ten consecutive years on the road, Garcia parted ways with WWE in September 2009. She explains, "I did not want to start a marriage with me traveling everywhere."