Earlier this week here on the website, we tried to "lighten things up" and have a little fun. We asked to see your “hate mail”! We often see fans venting about the site, reporters, column writers, forum members, etc. in the comments section and plan to make it a weekly feature here on the website.

It’s all love on our end and we can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support. This is something we’re adding to have a little fun and to get you guys more involved.

Here are some of the "best hate mail" comments we received!

Raven Reaper • 2 days ago

Go eat a d*ck

radical burms • 2 days ago

Dude, u know how I know you're gay? You're part of the IWC.

clox • 2 days ago

I bet you learned to masturbate from a family member.

samjacksonswig • 6 hours ago −

Good way of getting multiple comments on a thread guys- shit, even I have fallen for it! Since I'm here....

Navigation on the site is as old as Noah's ark, as is the look.

Repetitive stories that aren't stories, just utter banality.

Sensationalist headlines that have no/vague connection to the story attached to the link.

Filtering through the crud- why not have a section for TNA, one for WWE et.c? It would save scanning through multiple lines of minute text.

Allowing abusive comments on threads.

Thank you.

Kill Bomb • 21 hours ago

Acting like you have sources or know whats going on backstage.

Guy • a day ago

Here's an idea use google images to get some up-to-date images at the top of your posts. Fuck sake all the night of champions posts had pictures of John Cena. It ain't hard

Strek • a day ago

F*ck u clark.

dfxewf • a day ago −

You should stop this saying something like *melina naked pics click below*,and it takes u to other site,and u should learn u staff better,u post some pictures of someone that has been 2-3 years old.,and u post them as new.

YES YES YES NO NO NO • a day ago

Your hair is too blonde

yujamie • a day ago

Some of the articles are bulls*it. Stop misleading people and stop reporting bullshit. Oh, and the repetitive posts. Stop.

Poostane Palette • a day ago

The constant updates, before you report a story, get the whole picture together so you don't have to do that update crap..

six6sixwitch • a day ago

PLEASE stop hosting ads with loud audio and autoplay! Some of us work in offices, ya know...

Dan Whittaker • a day ago −

Don't reveal the main spoilers in the headlines. Example - Night of Champions Results - D Bryan wins the title. You cant help but read that... even people checking the site for other news without wanting to know results cant miss that. Piss take.

WrestleFanatic513 • a day ago −

I agree with the stupid reporter links that are almost always fake. The multiple "updates" that basically say the same thing as the previous "updates" with maybe one extra sentence added to it. I can't think of any other things that must be stopped immediately. Otherwise, the sight is pretty good. I would like to know who these "sources" within WWE and TNA that would reveal insider secrets to you guys though LOL

grimachine • a day ago −

Okay, I believe that this would be an opportune time to test my trolling attributes. Shall we begin?...


Short but sweet. Thankyou for allowing me to patronise your wonderful website and give my obviously valid opinion above.

Elliot Marriott • a day ago −

Reporting the same thing multiple times just reworded. Misleading news headlines. Ridiculous reporter links. Countless grammatical and spelling errors in reports. Too much personal opinion in reports. Labelling things as **SPOILERS** when they aren't. Posting fake newsbits based on your own assumptions such as Austin/HHH at WrestleMania XXX - we all know there's absolutely no substance behind that and it's just from your own personal mind, abusing the pull you have to gain traffic.

Plenty of things that could be better, and there are better news sites out there. I come here because to your credit, it's one of the easiest to navigate, but content-wise, it could use some serious work. And you definitely need to remove the trolling accounts, regardless of whether they're considered "traffic" or not. They ruin the community feel with...