...other week at the bottom of certain articles it says ....."VINCE MCMAHON REPORTEDLY IRATE AT RAW THIS WEEK - OMGGGGGG!"

You click on the link and find fuck all about it, if he is Irate at RAW why not just tell us why.

I don't think this site does enough to remove abusive or just irrelevant trolling comments/replies.

When you do RAW results, don't put a major spoiler in the article title such as "Raw coverage (16/09/13) - Daniel Bryan Stripped of title!"

Don't do articles that say "Is their heat on (insert name here)?" then have near no mention of it in the article, or a paragraph of what can be simplified as "No", and if their is no heat on anyone, don't do a fucking article about it.

Hate the old pictures of certain superstars when they are mentioned in articles, such as CM Punk, can't we get updated versions of what they look like now, same thing for the WWE Superstars picture that has Triple H, Batista, Rey Mysterio and John Morrison on it.

Samuel Perth • 20 hours ago −

This seem like a terribly passive aggressive attempt by those running this site to turn the situation around on the visitors and commenters.

They, obviously, don't enjoy the amount of "hate" they receive from their visitors. However, what they seem not to grasp is that people come here for the news, not the messengers

I've never once seen someone say, "That extra opinion Ryan Clark through in at the end of that piece was AWESOME! He is such a witty, insightful reporter!" nor any variation of that sentiment.

No one cares what Ryan Clark - or anyone else has to say about it. It's completely irrelevant.

Take ego out of the equation, step back, and take an objective look at what you are doing.

The reason most people come to this site instead of any of the 100's of other sites with the same content is really a simple one: Ads.

There aren't pop-up ads every time one clicks a link to a story. If there were, people would go elsewhere.

Please don't confuse the traffic you get as validation of you - those running the site.

We don't come here because we like you or care about what you think. We come here for news about Pro Wrestling and we come here because you don't load it with popups and other shady links (other than the reporters links, image links, etc).

As far as calling people "reporters" or items of non-news as "columns".

Passing on rumors, copying items from PWO and other more official sources - that are already released to the press or available to those that care to look - is not reporting.

Writing an opinion piece and having it posted here doesn't make it a column.

Please, get off your high horses and maybe look at what people have to say - negative or not -absorb the criticism and try to do something about it.

But back to the topic at hand:

Trying to "Make a weekly feature" out of the "hate mail" is, again, passive aggressive and a vain attempt to undercut the vehemence and validity of the "negative comments" - that you don't want to hear or do anything about.

It's a tactic best suited to a playground and only serves to illustrate those running this site's inability to take criticism, or to look at themselves and their site objectively.

Also, it makes you seem as if you don't respect the visitors to the site - which I expect to be the case, based on what i've seen.

Kyle Dunning • a day ago −

As the facebook page admin, I am rather disgusted by this. Knowing that people hate on you, and channeling that into a "weekly feature", is just promoting more idiots to be.. well .. idiots. Reporters are meant to be unbiased, they are not meant to take notice of peoples opinions on a particular subject.

Of course, with anything that is successful for any period of time, there will be haters. Those haters will continue to be abusive because that is part of their nature, but the rest of us who come here to read the latest wrestling news, see all the "trolls" and "haters" all the time, and they should not be featured because they are idiots.

Why don't you make a post asking for constructive criticism? How about, you do a feature highlighting some of the best blogs the website has to offer?

I personally do write blogs every now and again, and have been praised and rated highly for my insight into professional wrestling.