...I take any opinions and constructive criticism given on board, and learn how to be a better blogger.

You should reward the good and loyal, before featuring the stupid and the idiotic. Promoting good behaviour on here will give a better atmosphere all around and will reduce the amount of trolls, because you never know, they may actually want to join in!

Have a think about that while I continue to increase your fan base with the facebook page which you never mention.

Fist_of_Doom • 7 hours ago −

1. Your false/untruthful advertisement links. You generate them so people can go to your other site and then that site can claim "X" amount of hits. This really is the worst thing on this site.

2. Repeating of same stories again to claim more hits.

3. The really old pictures of wrestlers.

4. Making us go to yet another site of yours so we can see a picture of someone that did bad so you can claim "X" amount of hits.

5. That stupid candy game pop up that comes up when using mobile or tablet.

6. No mobile version of this site.

7. Please do real reporting and not just making stuff up.

8. Enough of guess how old the wrestler is news reports. Any die hard fan knows when a wrestler's birthday is. If not, they can look it up.

9. Stop banning people for calling you out on 1,2, & 4 and/or making fun of your "Reporter's Link." People have threatened people with violence on this site and they are the ones that should be banned.

10. Know what spoilers are.

11. Equal reporting of TNA, ROH, WWE, and independent wrestling results from all over the States. Articles on up and coming wrestlers...or those we should watch.

12. Shameless promotion.

13. One sentence on an update on a certain wrestler is not news.

Brandon Horvath • 2 days ago −

Oh and lets not forget, when we post on that dumbass that makes those columns and fucks it up and screws it all up, he criticizes us for speaking out telling him right from wrong.

Mordecai • 2 days ago

Also, how many damn sites do you own. Do you spend every waking hour posting the same sh*t to each of your 15 sites?

Mordecai • 2 days ago

Admit that you are secretly in love with Sunny. A week does not pass without you posting 'news' about her and we all see the love notes the two of you send back and forth on twitter.

Mordecai • 2 days ago

you listen to sh*tty music and you need to publicly apologize to Piper claiming he sexually harassed Diva's backstage. Great job being too chickensh*t to go on his podcast when he called you out for making the story up.

Mordecai TheAllSeeingEye • 2 days ago

I 100% agree. A film festival put on by Colt Cabana and the promoter 'Rocks Off' has absolutely nothing to do with the Rock. It proves that you didn't even bother reading the article before you copied and pasted it from another site.

Boots2CandyAsses • 2 days ago

why do you post so much irrelevant news? like stacy keibler, darren young, john cena going to nascar lol that kind of stuff is not interesting nor relevant to wrestling. Just wondering why crap like that gets on the news. Madison rayne was way pregnant before you guys even posted about it, but the first stuff i mentioned was posted really fast.

TheAllSeeingEye • 2 days ago

Well this should be good. At least this site will feature some original material for once.

Submitted 2 days ago by fonandrez:

I have to say that EWN is one of the worst, if not the actual worst wrestling news website out there. Ryan Clarke will take pictures from wrestlers twitter, host them to his own site then make you click around until you can find it. He constantly bans people from his comment section if they question his `editorial' direction at all.

Twice in the past two weeks he's promoted Rock Off wrestling film fest as THE ROCK'S wrestling film fest. Complete with pictures of The Rock. The only time the website is worth anything is when observer comes out and he copies and pastes meltzers news.

Ryan Clarke, fuck you, I know you read this.

SpaZticHeroComing Soon: 1 hour ago

Yup, both of them along with one I some other site whose name I can't remember makes up the Ryan Clarke trifecta of horrible website reporting.

JTStyles 2 days ago

Ryan Clarke is a punching bag over at TPWWforums