ColtCabanaBEARS 12 days ago

Ryan Clark is easily the worst.

zracStraight Edge Savior 2 days ago

Unfollowed one of their writers on twitter and berated me, calling me a f*ggot. Real classy folks there.

fonandrez 2 days ago

Seems about right. I asked Ryan a question about his policies and practices and he banned me.

reverandglass 2 days ago

eWN is only worth visiting for the forums. The "news" is all copy and pasted and the articles are written by deluded marks who's work reads like that of a child.

only1mrfstr 2 days ago

wasn't Ryan Clarke a part of WZ for a while... hell, him not being there anymore just ups their cred a bit lol

TeamRocketBlastOFF 2 days ago

Ryan Clark is the worst. and others like him. All they do is copy/paste and act like insiders with knowledge.

thewhitestars88KAAAAAANE!! 1 day ago

I remember about ten years ago Ryan Clarke got in an argument with someone on his wrestling podcast (I think this was even before podcasts were an actually thing, it was just an mp3 you downloaded off his site) about if West Virginia was an actual U.S. state. He'd never heard of it. Dude's a big turkey, at least he was back in the Pro Wrestling Scoops days, and used to get made fun of on a lot of message boards at the time.

passwordisTaco879itwasme 1 day ago

Ryan Clark is pathetic, glad I'm not the only one who thinks so

pjpjr6Your normal cadence.1 day ago

Ryan Clark saw your thread

fonandrez 21 hours ago

Yeah I know, crazy, right? Now he's going to monetize my anger. I hope my post is his first submission

Christian4peepz 12 hours ago

Ryan Clark - I hope you and your family die of f*cking aids. F*CK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!

We love you guys! We'll see ya' next week for the next installment of "hate mail"! :-)