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Zach Gowen
Zachary Gowen
  • Birthdate: 03/30/1983 (age 33)
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 179 Ib

He is an American professional wrestler and pro...

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In an interview with the v2 Wrestling Podcast, Zach Gowen revealed he doesn't think he has a future in wrestling. He also talked about his time in WWE and more. Here are highlights:

On falling in love with wrestling: "One of the greatest memories I've ever had was three weeks removed from the surgery (and) having my leg amputated, sitting in a hospital bed pumped full of chemotherapy and radiation, my body ravaged with pain. I watched Ric Flair win the 1992 Royal Rumble, and for those three hours I wasn't in any pain. And for me that is what professional wrestling is all about. That is the reason I fell in love with this sport."

On signing with WWE: "(WWE) signed me eight months after I had my first match, and I was nineteen years old, so I was just a kid, I wasn't ready physically or mentally to receive that gift....I don't think that I had the proper capabilities to handle that responsibility."

On his attitude at the time, and how he was received in the WWE locker room: "In wrestling there's about 6,000 unwritten rules...I definitely rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. And I don't blame anybody, I'm not mad at anybody, because if somebody came into the locker room acting the way I acted, I probably wouldn't like them either. But there's no use crying over spilt milk."

On his match with Vince McMahon at Vengeance 2003: "Vince himself, during the match, asked me to give him some stiff shots. Basically i was just giving him some wrestling punches and he yelled at me in the middle of the match. He goes 'Zach, f---ing hit me for real'. And then I got scared because I didn't want to punch Vince in the head, but I realised that he's not a wrestler, and he can't really sell or register what I'm doing if I'm not connecting with him. so I took that as a very cool opportunity. I got carte blanche to punch Vince McMahon as hard as I could in the face and I did that repeatedly! To me that felt really good. But that came from Vince himself, that's what he wanted because it was best for business...that was surreal and Vince is a maniac and I love him to death, and I'll love him for as long as I live, and he saved my life. But he's a maniac."

On regrets: "What I found out is that being bitter or having regrets ultimately is destructive to me, and so I have to practice the principle of acceptance...do i think i could have a stronger run later on in my career? Sure, but it serves no point to look at what ifs...I really think I'm the best I've ever been, and that's such a cool feeling but it's the opposite of what happened in my career, because now I'm the best I've ever been but I have very limited exposure to wrestling fans. When I wasn't very good, that's when I had all the exposure, so it's kind of funny in a tragic sort of way! All i can do is kind of accept it and smile and do the best I can do, and quite frankly I've never been happier in terms of personal and professional life."

On aspirations to return to WWE/TNA/ROH: "I am super content for the first time in my life. I get to be my own boss and take my own bookings, and I wrestle who I want to and how I want to, and there's such personal freedom and to me that equals happiness. To me, money and fame don't equal happiness. and my goal in life is to be happy. I love wrestling more than ever and for the past 10 years I couldn't say that, it wouldn't be true, because I was in WWE and that was absolutely amazing, but then I got fired from WWE and I became very bitter and angry and I spent a good 5, 6, 7, 8 years bring miserable because I wasn't happy where I was doing these indies, because i wanted to be back in WWE, or i wanted to be in TNA or Japan. I could never find any peace, serenity or happiness being where I was. and now with age and maturity I'm completely happy being where I am, because there is no pressure. I've had talks with WWE, and they've increased over the past few years. The thing about me is I have to be presented in a very specific manner for my story to work, and I have to be happy with what I commit to."

On dream opponents: "I've never met The Rock. I'd...