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Glenn Jacobs
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-- Zack Ryder said that he was injured when Kane threw him off the RAW stage while in a wheelchair several months ago. Ryder told the New York Daily News that the spot, which happened in February, put him through a lot of pain.

"That messed up my back pretty badly," Ryder said. The article is not clear on whether it is a storyline or legit injury; it makes reference to storyline feuds vs. legit injuries, but also notes that Kane "had previously injured Ryder with a choke-slam that sent him through the floor."

The article also has quotes from The Miz and Mick Foley, with The Miz saying, "If you've never seen ‘Raw,' this is the episode to watch. You will see things you will remember for a lifetime."

Foley added, "It's like a soap opera for guys who won't admit to watching soap operas."

-- WWE's weekend schedule ends tonight with a RAW show in Springfield, Missouri and a SmackDown show in Omaha, Nebraska. The following are advertised for the shows:


* John Cena vs. The Big Show - Steel Cage Match

* Santino vs. The Miz - U.S. Title Match

WWE SmackDown:

* CM Punk Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

* Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

* Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

-- Logan Jared Henderson sent this one along: Wanted to pass along a video I put on YouTube featuring highlights of the Cabana/Pearce match last night for the NWA World Title.