Brock Lesnar

  • Born: 07/12/1977 in Webster, South Dakota
  • Birthname: Brock Lesnar
  • Height & Weight: 6'3", 286 Ib
Titles Won:

  • WWE World Heavyweight Champion (4 times)
  • Ended the Undertaker's Undefeated WrestleMania Streak (2014)
  • Royal Rumble (2003)
  • UFC Heavyweight Champion.

From a young age, he was wrestling in college where he won many titles, and ended his four years at college with a record of 106-5. In 2000, he signed with the WWF, and started in their developmental territory OVW. He teamed with his former college roommate Shelton Benjamin to form "The Minnesota Stretching Crew". They won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship three separate occasions. Lesnar worked dark matches in 2001 and 2002 until he was promoted to the main roster.

Lesnar debuted on March 18th 2002 by viciously attacking Al Snow, Maven and Spike Dudley. He was soon accompanied by Paul Heyman as his manager. Lesnar was soon drafted to Raw, where Paul Heyman billed Lesnar as "The Next Big Thing". In June 2002, Lesnar defeated Rob Van Dam to become King of the Ring, which earned him a title shot at Summerslam. Lesnar quickly earned main event status as he started a feud with Undisputed WWE Champion, The Rock. Lesnar defeated The Rock at Summerslam to become the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion in title history (25 years) beating The Rock's previous record.

When Stephanie stated Lesnar did not have to defend the title on Raw due to his contract, Bischoff created the World Heavyweight Championship for Raw, making Lesnar's title the WWE Championship once again. From this moment on, Lesnar feuded with the best WWE had to offer. The Undertaker lost to Lesnar in high profile matches, including a Hell in a Cell match. At Summerslam the following year, Lesnar lost the title to the Big Show (thanks to Paul Heyman) in his first pinfall loss and turned babyface.

Lesnar would continue to feud with Big Show and Kurt Angle, who both aligned themselves with Paul Heyman. Lesnar defeated Big Show at the Royal Rumble to earn a spot in the Royal Rumble match, which he entered at #29 and won the match. Lesnar continued to feud with Kurt Angle going into Wrestlemania XIX. During their match at Wrestlemania, Lesnar attempted a Shooting Star Press, but overestimated the distance, failed to rotate enough, and ended up on his head, giving himself a concussion in the process. Angle and Lesnar improvised the finish, and Lesnar defeated Angle for his second WWE Championship.

Lesnar continued to feud with the likes of John Cena, Big Show and Kurt Angle. Lesnar turned heel again after a ruse created between Vince McMahon and himself. Lesnar would brutally attack smaller wrestlers during this time. On September 18th 2003, Lesnar received another title shot against Angle, this time in an Ironman match on Smackdown. This match won awards for match of the year, and is billed by many as one of the greatest matches in Smackdown history. Lesnar won the match 5-4 to claim his third WWE Championship.

Lesnar entered a short rivalry with The Undertaker once again, and was victorious. Lesnar had aligned himself with Big Show around this time, and Paul Heyman returned as Lesnar's manager, bringing him full circle from the previous year. Lesnar continued to fight Kurt Angle, and defended his title against Chris Benoit, and at the Royal Rumble, Hardcore Holly. A feud between Goldberg and Lesnar was teased, and this eventually took place after Goldberg interfered in the WWE Championship match between Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero at No Way Out. In a memorable match, Eddie Guerrero defeated Lesnar for his first WWE Championship.

Lesnar's WWE career ended on a low note, as both he and Goldberg leaked information regarding their departures from the WWE after Wrestlemania XX. The match between the two was poor, and the crowd made it into a fiasco when they jeered and heckled both wrestlers. Lesnar lost the match, and both wrestlers received a Stone Cold Stunner, much to the delight of the crowd. Lesnar left the WWE to pursue a career in American Football. Many in the WWE did not care for this decision, as the WWE put so much effort into getting him over. Lesnar always wanted to play football at a professional level, and wanted to try out before he got too old for the sport. After a motorbike incident, Lesnar was cut at the end of the pre-season.

In 2005, Lesnar returned to wrestling in Japan and won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. WWE filed a number of injunctions against Lesnar, as they claimed Lesnar signed a no-compete clause which prohibited him from wrestling/fighting until 2010. After much back and forth, the case was thrown out. In 2006, Lesnar did not defend the championship due to "visa issues", and was stripped of the title by NJPW. Lesnar continued to hold the physical belt for over a year. Antonio Inoki stated Lesnar was the "proper" IWGP Champion as he was never defeated. Lesnar's last match outside of the WWE happened on June 29th 2007, when Angle (TNA World Champion) and Lesnar fought in a champion vs champion match. Angle won the match, and Lesnar would not return to wrestling until 2012.

Between 2008-2011, Lesnar competed in MMA. He lost his debut match to Frank Mir. On November 15th, Lesnar defeated Randy Couture to become UFC Heavyweight Champion, becoming the first athlete to win WWE, UFC and NCAA championships. After being sidelined due to diverticulitis, UFC made an interim UFC Heavyweight Champion, and Lesnar returned to defeat Mir and Carwin to unify the interim and real Heavyweight Championships as the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar is one of the biggest box office draws in UFC history. After two losses in 2010 and 2011, Lesnar retired from MMA completely. Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012 and made an instant impact, giving John Cena an F-5. Lesnar lost to Cena in his first match after his return at Extreme Rules. He started a feud with Triple H that lasted many months, and culminated in two matches, one at Summerslam (Lesnar won) and another at Wrestlemania 29 (Triple H won).

At Summerslam 2013, Lesnar and CM Punk fought in an excellent no-DQ match, which Lesnar won. After Lesnar returned in late 2013, his intentions were to challenge for the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship, however he was sidetracked by Mark Henry, Big Show, and The Undertaker. He started a feud with The Undertaker going into Wrestlemania XXX, and shocked the wrestling world when he defeated The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak. Months later, Lesnar returned, and Triple H awarded him the #1 contender spot to John Cena's WWE World Heavyweight Championship. At Summerslam 2014 dominated John Cena, delivering sixteen German Suplex and two F-5 to claim his fourth WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The two belts representing the WWE Championship and the World Championship were dropped the following evening, as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon presented Brock Lesnar with the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Notable Matches

vs Rob Van Dam in King of the Ring Finals.

Royal Rumble (2003).

vs The Rock at Summerslam 2003.

vs Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania XIX.

vs Kurt Angle on Smackdown, September 18th in an Ironman match.

vs Randy Couture at UFC 91.

vs CM Punk at Summerslam 2013.

vs John Cena at Summerslam 2014.

Notable Feuds

vs The Rock

vs The Undertaker

vs Kurt Angle

vs Big Show

vs John Cena

vs Triple H

Other Notable Achievements

King of the Ring (2002)

OVW Southern Tag Team Championship (3 times) – with Shelton Benjamin

IWGP Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

Big Ten Conference Champion (1999, 2000)  

NCAA Division I Champion (2000)

NCAA Division I Runner-up (1999)  

NJCAA All-American (1997, 1998)

NJCAA National Champion (1998)

North Dakota State University's annual Bison tournament Heavyweight Champion (1997–1999)