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Six Man Mayhem: QT Marshall vs Silas Young vs Mike Sydal vs Adam Page vs ACH vs Tadarius Thomas

Matt Taven won the Top Prospect Tournament to earn a TV Title shot at Adam Cole later on tonight, and this match is made up of six of the seven other men who participated in the tournament. Antonio Thomas is the one . Page and ACH start us off and got back and forth, then Young and Thomas come in and trade shots until Young backdrops him to the floor. Sydal comes in and drills Young with a kick to the side of the head that knocks him to the floor, but Marshall comes in and blindsides Sydal before knocking Page off the apron. ACH catches Marshall with a flying headscissors, then all the other participants take turns beating Marshall up until Page clotheslines him to the floor. Young goes after Page and dumps him out to the apron, and Page comes off the apron with a shooting star press to Thomas on the floor. Barrister RD Evans grabs ACH's ankle from the floor to stop him from hitting a dive on Marshall, so Thomas takes his place and hits a Space Flying Tiger Drop. Sydal wipes everyone else out with a moonsault to the floor except for ACH, who follows him out and nails the five guys with a dive. RD Evans climbs up the corner for some reason, so Young goes up and suplexes him to the floor where they take everyone out again. Wow, this is really old school ROH! The fans chant "this is awesome" as ACH hits a Stunner on Marshall and then tries a springboard move, Marshall trips him up by kicking the ropes and then kicks Page's hand (which is in a cast) and plants him with an Alabama Slam. Sydal hits Thomas with a flying neckbreaker and a standing shooting star press for 2, then tries a flying crossbody on Young, but Young rolls through, powers Sydal into a Finlay Roll and tries the headstand suplex. Sydal moves and ACH pops Young over into a short fisherman's buster for the win.

Winner: ACH

Hell of an opener! This was so old school in terms of the type of action we saw out there and gave ACH a strong first win after signing his ROH deal.

Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs vs Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman

Coleman and Alexander don't even wait for the bell, and go right after SCUM as soon as they get in the ring. Corino and Alexander fight outside and Coleman leaps over the ropes to hit a springboard moonsault to Corino, then Alexander slides into the ring and takes both of SCUM out with a dive. C&C bring Jacobs inside the ring and take over with some fancy double teaming, then Corino comes in and has the same luck, getting laid out with a Hart Attack and then a pair of suplex/slingshot senton combos. Coleman charges Corino in the corner and runs into his boot, Jacobs tags in and immediately finds himself on the receiving end of another beating, getting slingshot into a forearm by Alexander, who then slingshots in and nails Jacobs with a twisting elbow. Corino cheapshots Coleman from outside the ring and comes in for a double team back elbow with Jacobs. Coleman is in the wrong part of town as SCUM work him over, hitting a double necktie beckbreaker and baiting Alexdander into the ring so they can get more free shots in on Coleman. Corino with a Saito suplex, Coleman surprises him with a Silver Slice and makes the tag to Alexander. Alexander goes to town on Jacobs with running forearms and a diving kick, followed by the IED and a back suplex into a backbreaker. That looked really nasty, and so did what happened right after when Corino came in and speared him shoulder first into the ringpost. Coleman comes in to help and winds up in the wrong part of town, Jacobs tried coming off the second rope with something but Coleman low blows him on the way down and C&C hit a series of suplexes on both Corino and Jacobs. Jacobs and Coleman wind up out on the apron, Jacobs spears Coleman as Corino lariats Alexander, SCUM hit an assisted Contra Code and Corino hits the sliding lariat, but only get 2. Alexander catches Jacobs coming off the ropes again and hits a facebuster, Coleman hits Jacobs with a second rope legdrop, then they dump Corino to the floor and go for Overtime, but Corino superkicks Coleman and Jacobs gets the knees up when Alexander comes off the top with a frogsplash. Corino picks Alexander up and Jacobs comes...