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During the time that the feed was out, Eddie Edwards defeated Rhino.

The coverage begins with video package for the six man tag match and a focus on The Young Bucks and All Night Xpress.

Match Number Two: The Young Bucks and Mike Mondo versus The All Night Xpress and TJ Perkins

King, Titus, and Perkins go after the Bucks and Mondo. Perkins spits water in Mondo’s face and then Perkins sends Mondo to the floor. Nick sends Perkins into the turnbuckles and Perkins with a headstand and head scissors. King with a drop kick to Nick’s head while Perkins holds him and King gets a near fall. Nick with a jawbreaker and Mondo tags in.

King with a suplex to Mondo. King with a spinebuster and punches before Kings gets a near fall. King with a punch and Titus tags in and he hits a running boot to the head. Titus with a forearm and slam. Titus with a splash and King with a leg drop. Perkins with a slingshot senton.

King tags back in and Mondo with a knee and elbow to the head. Matt tags in and King with arm drags into an arm bar. Titus with a bulldog and then King and Titus with a double team drop toe hold and drop kick combination. Titus knocks Nick and Mondo off the apron.

Nick grabs Titus’ leg and Titus goes to the floor after Nick. Mondo misses a clothesline and Nick with a drop kick and Mondo sends Titus into the guardrails. Mondo with a moonsault off the apron.

Matt with a kick to Titus’ head and then he chokes him in the ropes. Matt with punches and Nick tags in and he hits a double stomp to Titus’ back. Nick chokes Titus in the ropes. Matt tags in and they hit a double hip toss and a drop kick and Mondo gets a near fall.

Mondo with a reverse chin lock. Mondo with a back slide and he rolls Titus around the ring to get near falls. Nick makes the blind tag and he kicks Titus in the ribs. Mondo and the Jacksons triple team Titus and Nick with a back rake. Matt tags in and Mondo misses a charge into the corner. Titus hot shots Matt after sending Nick to the floor.

Perkins and King are pulled off the apron to prevent Titus from making the tag. All three men attack Titus while the referee tries to get some order restored. Mondo sends Titus into the turnbuckles but Nick hits Mondo on the turnbuckles and Titus with a back body drop to Matt.

Mondo grabs the leg but Titus kicks him away and King tags in. King with forearms, clotheslines, and kicks. King with a spinebuster to Matt followed by an atomic drop and enzuigiri to Mondo.

Matt stops Kenny’s exploder attempt. Perkins with cross body to the Jacksons and then he connects with kicks and forearm. Perkins with a sit out power bomb to Matt that is broken up by Mondo. Mondo with a kick to Perkins and Titus with a drop kick to Mondo. Mondo with a snap mare driver followed by a boot to the head.

King goes over the top rope when Mondo drop down. Perkins with a drop kick to Mondo. We have a series of kicks including double super kicks to King. Perkins holds on to the ropes and the Bucks with a double super kick that sends him to the floor.

Mondo knocks King off the turnbuckles when the Xpress were going to set for a double team move. Matt with a buckle bomb and Nick with an enzuigiri in the corner. Mondo with a rana followed by a top rope splash from Matt. Nick gets a near fall and it is broken up by King.

Mondo hits a corkscrew plancha that barely hit Titus, King, and Perkins. King is setn to the apron by Nick. King with a dive onto the floor and then Titus hits a clothesline on Matt.

King and Titus hit a Blockbuster and powerbomb followed by a 450 Splash by Perkins to get the three count on Matt.

Winners: All Night Xpress and TJ Perkins

We get comments from Jay Lethal and Tommaso Ciampa about their grudge match that aired on ROH TV in the last few weeks.

Match Number Three: Tommaso Ciampa with Embassy Ltd versus Jay Lethal

Lethal attacks Ciampa before getting to the ring and they go to the floor. Lethal with chops and he sends Ciampa into the apron. Ciampa sends Lethal into the guardrails and he chops Lethal. Ciampa with kicks to Lethal....