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Adam Page vs Matt Hardy

The fans get on Hardy's case before the match, and he grabs the mic and teases like he's going to say something, but drops the mic instead. He tosses his shirt out to the crowd, and the fans chant at the guy who caught it to throw it back, which he indeed does. Hardy outwrestles Page to start and acts like he's big timing Page, but Page slaps him in the face to show that he's not intimidated. Page catches Hardy with a nice pair of dropkicks, but Hardy backdrops Page out to the floor and goes out after him. They wind up on the ring apron and Hardy goes for the Side Effect, but Page shoves him off the apron and takes him out with a running shooting star press. I can't quite catch what is happening now because they're on the other side of the ring from me, but they wind up back inside with Page covering Hardy for 2. Page catches Hardy with a leg lariat for 2, then bulldogs him into the top turnbuckle and heads to the top rope. Hardy shakes the rope and knocks Page off, then hits the Side Effect for 2. Hardy is undeterred and hits another Side Effect and gets another 2 count, he goes for a third, but Page counters to a backslide for 2. Hardy shuts down more offense from Page and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Page gets out and hits a short powerslam for 2. Hardy goes for the Side Effect a third time, but Page gets a nice reversal to a victory roll for 2. Hardy backdrops Page out to the apron, Page nails him and goes up top, but Hardy dodges a flying bodypress and hits the Twist of Fate for the win without even hooking a leg.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Pretty good opener, Page got a lot of offense and looked competitive.

Strap Match: Silas Young vs Mark Briscoe

Young is now sporting a hairy chest to go with his real man character. Mark Briscoe is sporting a longer beard every time I see him. It's the Battle of the Hairiest Dudes In ROH! Young doesn't appreciate the streamers like usual, but the fans in turn aren't really appreciating him. Both guys get strapped together and proceed to pummel each other with right hands. Mark seriously looks like he's spent weeks in the mountains, but even if he has, he's still sharp enough to nail Young with the strap and knock him out to the floor. Mark goes out after him, but Young uses the strap to yank Mark back and forth from barricade to barricade. They go back inside and Mark ducks a punch and pops Young over with a gargoyle suplex. He follows that up with a vertical suplex and unleashes Redneck Kung Fu as I wonder whether they have to touch all four corners or pin the opponent to win this. Mark must be reading my mind because he starts doing the corners, but only gets to 2 before Young yanks the strap, which is running between Mark's legs, so hard that Mark does a full front flip into a back bump. Young uses the strap to short clothesline Mark, then they go back out to the floor where they do more stuff I can't see. They come back inside and Young lashes the strap around Mark's ankles and tries to drag him from corner to corner, but Mark puts up a fight and Young turns around and gives him a shot with the strap. Mark recovers and unleashes more Redneck Kung Fu, then starts BEATING on Young with the strap before hitting a rolling Samoan drop. Mark goes to the top rope, pauses to soak in the fan admiration, then hits Froggy Bow. He goes to the corners and gets to 3 before Young stumbles around and falls out of the ring, landing just far enough from the fourth corner that Mark can't get to it. Mark goes after Young and winds up getting the strap wrapped around his neck by Young, who proceeds to Beell him to the floor. They go back inside and Young picks Mark up in a fireman's carry while going around to all the corners, with Mark tagging the corners behind him. They get to the fourth corner and Mark drops behind Silas and tries using the strap to pull him away from the corner, but Young grabs onto the referee and uses him to pull himself to the fourth corner to get the win.

Winner: Silas Young

Really good match, and they took some really nasty bumps in this one....