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Matt Hardy
Matthew Moore Hardy
  • Birthdate: 09/23/1974 (age 42)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 235 Ib

Before signing with WWE, Matt Hardy, with his b...

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...they are taking the challenge and would see them later.

They started the official show. Robby Mireno came out and the crowd was all over him, asking him to shut the f*** up. Nice reaction from the hometown. Joel Gertner came out and got a big reaction.

Extreme Rising Title Tournament: Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards.

They went back and forth. They took turns hitting suplexes. Hawx locked on body scissors around Richards' torso, working him over. Richards made the ropes and fought back. Hawx cut him off and after overcoming Richards' defense, locked on an abdominal stretch. Richards broke free and they battled back and forth with chops.

Richards clotheslined Hawx over the top to the floor. He followed Haw outside but was grabbed and whipped into the barricade. Hawx drilled him hard over the back. Richards fired back with hard chops of his own on the floor but was drilled across the back with something.

Luke rolled Richards back into the ring and returned himself with a slingshot into a DDT for a two count. Hawx grabbed him in a Fireman's Carry and slammed him down. He went for an Asai Moonsault into the ring but missed.

Richards came alive with a series of clotheslines and drilled Hawx with a series of knees to the gut. Richards hit a Side Russian Legsweep. Hawx tried to fight him off but was caught with a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.

Richards went to the corner for the Steviekick but Hawx ducked and nailed a spinning sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Richards nailed the Steviekick for another two count.

Richards locked in a submission hold and Hawx finally tapped.

Your winner, advancing, Stevie Richards!

Good solid match. Hawx grows on me every time I see him. These guys had really good chemistry together and the near falls were really good. It's nuts how great Richards is in the ring.

Reby Sky came to the ring and distracted Hawx. Matt Hardy hit the ring from the crowd and tried to attack Hawx, stemming from Hawx shoving him off the ropes to the floor in Pittsburgh. Security and the officials pulled them apart.

The crowd chanted, "You tapped out."

The crowd chanted "F*** him up Rhino, F*** him up!" at the bell. They locked up and Crowbar grabbed a side headlock. Rhino sent him into the ropes and shoulderblocked him down. Rhino worked over Crowbar in the corner, then hiptossed him.

Rhino went for the Gore but Crowbar rolled to the outside. He went into the aisle. Rhino followed and they brawled back towards the ringside area. They battled onto the apron, where Rhino was snapped throat-first across the ropes. Crowbar hit a splash into the ring for a two count.

Crowbar nailed a low legdrop in between Rhino's legs and locked on a camel clutch. Rhino tried to power out but Crowbar came down with his weight atop of Rhino's back. Crowbar choked him in the corner but Rhino powered back with a series of right hands. He whipped Crowbar into the corner and went for a running charge but missed.

Crowbar rolled to the outside and retrieved a pair of chairs from the crowd. He drilled Rhino in the chest with them and slammed it over his back. He went for a Northern Lights suplex on the chair but Rhino broke free.

They battled to the outside, where Crowbar nailed him with a chair on the floor. Crowbar sent him into the railing and went to the apron. He dove off and drilled Rhino again.

Crowbar went to the outside and bridged it from the ring to the railing. He sent Rhino into it, then brought the railing into the ring, setting it up on chairs. He went to suplex Rhino from the apron into the ring but Rhino broke free and tried to piledrive Crowbar outside on the apron. They battled back and forth until Rhino hit a Uranage off the apron through a table. ECW chant.

They battled back into the ring, fighting back and forth with strikes. Rhino nailed a belly to belly suplex and called for the Gore. He went for it but Crowbar sent him into the buckles. Crowbar went to the top rope and hit a big splash for a two count.

Crowbar sent Rhino into the corner and went to the ropes but was caught and hit a powerbomb onto the railing. Rhino nailed the Gore, killing him, and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing, Rhino!

Good match, especially if you are a fan of plunder spots. They seemed to lose the crowd for a minute setting up the bridged