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Matt Hardy
Matthew Moore Hardy
  • Birthdate: 09/23/1974 (age 42)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 235 Ib

Before signing with WWE, Matt Hardy, with his b...

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...arm. He led the crowd in a "Please don't go" chant.

Best of Three Falls: El Hijo del Rey Misterio vs. Bestia 666

This is Hijo's Philadelphia debut. There are a lot of families with kids wearing Lucha masks, so it appears the local promotion may have led to people thinking it was the WWE Rey Mysterio.


They shook hands at the bell. They battled back and forth, exchanging holds. They did some nice back and forth Lucha reversals and pinfall attempts early, then faced off.

They exchanged chops. Bestia went for a move off the shoulders but Rey spun around and hit an awesome head scissors, sending him to the floor. Rey then hit a dive over the top to the floor.

Rey came off the top but Bestia caught him with a dropkick and scored a two count. Rey missed a charge in the corner and was placed on the top. He nailed a muscle buster and scored the pin.

Your winner of the first Fall, Bestia 666!


As they started up, Bestia placed Rey on the top and ripped at his mask. He snapped him down and covered him for a two count Rey went up and over after being sent into the corner and drilled him with a clothesline.

They went back and forth until Rey nailed a twisting Lucha spot into a DDT for a three count.

Your winner of the second Fall, El Hijo del Rey Misterio!


They battled back and forth. Bestia dropkicked Rey off the apron to the floor. Bestia hit an awesome twisting dive to the floor. It looked like Bestia drilled Rey in the head.

Bestia grabbed a chair but didn't use it. Misterio sent him to the floor with a great twisting move. He went for a dive but Bestia threw a chair in his face. Bestia went for a dive but Rey drilled him HARD in the face with the chair. That woke the crowd up and they chanted "ECW."

Rey drilled Bestia with another chair to the head for a two count. Bestia came back with a swinging side slam for a two count. Bestia went for a 450 splash but missed. Rey killed him with a chair and went to the top. He hit a 450 splash off the top and scored the pin.

Your winner, El Hijo del Rey Misterio!

Solid Lucha bout. I wouldn't say it was a classic but for a debut, Rey looked really strong and Bestia worked hard too. The crowd got really into the chair spots and there were some nice dives. Fun stuff.

This match will NOT be on the iPPV.

Steel Cage: BLK OUT vs. Mystery Team

BLK OUT came out to the ring. Ruckus took the mic and told the crowd to shut the f*** up He said that everyone came to see them beat up The Gangstas, but they didn't show up, so the fans are stuck with the "realest motherf**ers in the building." He said that they showed up and they run "this b**ch."

The Gangstas' theme song began playing but no one came out. Someone who was supposed to be Mustafa came out but was stopped. New Jack hit the ring from the crowd and attacked them. They overpowered him and worked him over.

Los Dramaticos' music hit and they hit the ring and began brawling with them. The crowd began booing them as a substitute. Jack was carried to the back, which the crowd didn't love.

Everyone began brawling on the floor. They brawled into the ring. When they locked the cage, everyone began booing that was the match. They began chanting "Bullsh**."

BLK OUT rammed The Dramaticos into the cage.

The Briscoes' theme song began playing and the Briscoes came in from the front door. The Briscoes began working over everyone. The crowd popped.

Mark drilled Jeez with a series of rights and a big boot. Mark, wearing a Santa hat, began throwing Ruckus into the cage. The crowd chanted, "We want blood."

The Briscoes controlled the match but the Dramaticos hit stereo enziguiris on them. The larger Dramatico (Joel Maximo) hit a moonsault off the top of the cage onto everyone.

Mark Briscoe killed Ruckus with a big boot. Jeez went to the top but Mark followed him And they battled on top of the cage. One of the Dramaticos rammed Jay into the cage. He then suplexed Mark into the cage for a two count.

They all brawled out of the cage and into the crowd. They battled all over the building and ringside. As they