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Before the official show began they had several student matches. Danny Doring worked one of the matches before taking his position as a commentator for the DVD release. Spike Dudley, as a surprise, also hit the ring during another match to deliver an Acid Drop...Among those visiting are JJ Dillon, Fifi, Barbed Wire City director John Philapavage, The Blue Meanie, Strictly ECW's Tony Lewis, and of all people, Marc Summers of Double Dare fame.

Crowbar vs. Hale Collins

They went back and forth early. Collins worked over Crowbar's arm and drilled him with an enziguiri for a two count. Collins drilled him with an elbow for another two count.

Crowbar fired back with a series of rights and nailed several suplexes to score a two count. Crowbar came back with several shots and a legdrop for a two count.

Collins snapped Crowbar's neck over the ropes. Crowbar made a comeback and nailed a rana off the ropes. Crowbar nailed a kick. He went to the turnbuckles to drill Collins with punches but was caught with a powerbomb off the ropes for another two count.

Collins came off the top with an elbow but Crowbar got out of the way. He covered Collins for a two count. He then nailed a sitdown slam for a two count.

Crowbar locked in a Dragon Sleeper and forced a submission.

Your winner, Crowbar.

OK match. Crowbar was hampered working with a partially torn triceps.

Crowbar took the mic and said he had every intentions of this being his last match, but once again "you crazy sons of b**ches" encourage me to keep going. He got a massive pop and the fans chanted "Thank you Crowbar."

Vik Dalishus (with Larry Dallas) vs. Little Guido

They did some good nice back and forth wrestling. Guido drilled him with several kicks and a side Russian Legsweep. Guido came off the ropes with the Sicilian Slice for another two count.

Collins nailed a sideslam and went to the top for a twisting moonsault. Guido moved out of the way and went for a Tomakaze but Dalishus reversed it and scored the pin.

Your winner, Vik Dalishus!

Dalishus took the mic and said he was tired of all the old ECW has-beens taking spots on the show from people who deserve it. Guido did that and he kicked Guido's ass. He said there's not one single person here that was better than him at anything.

Out came the Blue Meanie. He got in the ring but instead of dancing, they did the Harlem Shuffle. Vik attacked him but Meanie nailed a clothesline and a big splash in the corner. He and Guido teamed up on him, then pointed to the curtain.

"Enter Sandman" played and you know what happened next. He came out and asked the crowd if they wanted to see him cane Larry Dallas. Dallas put his valet in front of him. Sandman grabbed her and they began dancing as the Fandango theme played. Sandango and everyone else did the Fandango.

Sandman grabbed her and she was wearing a wig. Sandman then turned and caned Dallas and beat the hell out of him with the cane.

MVP vs. Sami Callihan

They went nose to nose. MVP nailed Callihan hard. He snapmared him over and drilled him in the back with a kick, then nailed with with a knee of the face. Callihan ducked a charge and drilled MVP with a kick, sending him to the floor. Callihan nailed a dive to the floor.

On the floor, Callihan whipped MVP into the guard rail and drilled him with a kick. They brawled around on the floor. The battled all over and then back into the ring. The crowd chanted back and forth for each of them.

Sami took control and tried to lock on an Indian Death Lock. He trapped MVP in the center of the ring. Callihan maintained control and nailed a superplex for a two count. He went back to the top for a flying slash but MVP rolled out of the way.

MVP nailed a series of right hands. MVP nailed a big clothesline in the corner. He nailed an overhead throw suplex and a palm thrust. He went for a move but Callihan moved. MVP leapfrogged him and nailed a series of German suplexes.

MVP dropped an elbow and scored a two count. He continued working on Callihan. Callihan came back with a sunset flip attempt off the top. MVP held on but was driven into the turnbuckles face-first. The crowd chanted back and forth for each.

Callihan drilled him with a...