...and goes for a superplex but Ray blocks it. Ray knocks him off the ropes but is caught with a kick on his way down, knocking the ladder over. Ray puts the ladder back up and front suplexes Hardy through it, the ladder closing on his body. Ray dumps the broken ladder out of the ring then grabs a chair. Ray smashes Hardy with it then sets up the table. Ray mocks Hulk Hogan's mannerisms before going back on the attack. Ray grabs the other ladder on the ramp and brings it into the ring.

Ray sets the ladder up in the corner and yells what he's about to do, culminating in slapping his wife in the face. Ray picks Hardy up, but Hardy starts fighting back with a series of rights. Ray reverses an Irish whip but gets caught with a flying forearm followed by the inverted atomic drop/legdrop/dropkick combo. Hardy and Ray both grab chairs and Hardy smashes his into Ray's, sending the chair flying into his skull. Ray moves out of the way and Hardy hits the rail during a high-risk attempt. Ray poses for the crowd then yells at Brooke. Brooke flips him off and after sending Hardy skull-first into the ring steps, goes back to Brooke. Ray asks for a kiss but gets a slap instead. Hardy regroups and sends Ray into the steps. He goes to place Ray on the table but the table caves under Ray's weight so he goes with a legdrop instead.

Hardy goes all the way to the entrance and grabs the table. He sets it up and hits Ray with a Twist of Fate. Ray very delicately lays himself on the table as Hardy takes his shirt off and goes to the top rope. Hardy connects with the SWANTON and the crowd instantly starts chanting "Holy Shit!" and "TNA!".

Hardy rolls inside and sets up another table for some reason. Hardy sets up the ladder as Taz hands Ray a hammer. Ray returns to the ring and both men fight at the top of the ladder. Hardy grabs the belt but Ray cracks him in the skull with the hammer and he goes flying through the table. Ray grabs the belt and raises it in triumph as the bell rings.

Winner and STILL World Champion: Bully Ray (17:10)

POST-MATCH: The rest of The Aces & Eights make their way out to celebrate with their leader. We see a replay of Hardy's fall to end the match as Ray yells for them to shut the music off. The music almost starts up again but Ray talks over it to stop that from happening. Ray asks the crowd if they know who they are and Ray answers that they are The Aces & Eights, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and when you ride with The Aces & Eights, you never walk alone. Ray raises the belt as the music kicks back up for real. Officials tend to Hardy as Ray stands over his fallen foe. After some more celebration, the show cuts out to World's Worst Tenants.