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Pro Wrestling Syndicate Supershow (Night One)

Sonjay Dutt vs Trent Baretta

Some fans start a USA chant, so another group starts an India chant, but Sonjay shoots them down since he's the heel. They tie up and go to the corner, Dutt breaks clean and goes back to jawing with the fans, they go to the mat for some chain wrestling and then go to the corner again where Baretta nails Sonjay with a chop. They trade wristlocks and reversals before going to the corner where Baretta tries another chop, but Dutt ducks under this one and struts to piss the fans off. Baretta chops him anyway, but sonjay hits the ropes and comes back with a flying headscissors that sends Baretta out to the floor where Sonjay takes him out with a dive. Dutt sends Baretta into the guardrail, then gets a chair and does something with it that I can't quite see from my vantage point. Baretta looks to be in pain as Sonjay rolls him back inside and covers for 2, then runs off the ropes and gets flapjacked by Baretta. Baretta with a charging forearm in the corner and a tornado DDT for 2. The crowd is solidly behind Baretta as he goes for an Air Raid Crash, Sonjay slips out and drills him with a Yakuza kick in the corner, followed by a T-Bone suplex and a springboard splash for 2. The lights, which the crowd had been yelling to the company to turn on the entire match, finally came back up and got a big pop, Sonjay thinks it's for him and celebrates with the crowd, leaving himself open to get nailed by Baretta. Sonjay superkicks him and hits Sliced Bread #2, but Baretta dodges a Hindu Press and hits a Jig & Tonic for the win.

Winner: Trent Baretta

Good opener, I think the fans were a little distracted by the lights being down, but this was a solid match to get things going.

PWS Tag Team Title Match: The Phat Pack vs Black Hollywood vs South Side Playaz Club vs D-Struction & Seduction

I'm not familiar with these guys and didn't catch their individual names during entrances, so I'll do my best to keep up. The crowd is big into Black Hollywood, but the one in hte ring finds himself on the short side of an exchange with one of the SSPC, who blocks his high flying moves and hits a hiptoss for 2. One of the Phat Pack comes in and whips Black Hollywood to the ropes, but D-Struction (I'll call him that since that's what his tights say) tags himself in and he starts beating the crap out of Fallah (member of the Phat Pack, so that's what I'll call him). Fallah tags out to Seduction, who now has to fight his partner. Everyone else drops off the apron when they go for tags, and someone yells "pin him and you'll both win!" which is actually a pretty good idea. They get irate with each other, then they make up and hug, then both get dropkicked out of the ring by the SSPC. Black Hollywood comes in for a series of double teams on the SSPC that get 2, then everyone else goes out to the floor and Black Hollywood hit stereo dives that take them all out. Oh wait, the Phat Pack weren't out there, and one of them hits a big (and I mean big) dive through the ropes that takes out all six opponents. Fallah puts Black Hollywood on the top rope for a superplex, the SSPC slam him out of the corner and go for a double suplex, but both Phat Pack come in and they do the Tower of Doom! The other member of Black Hollywood is still up and goes to the top rope, loses his balance and falls to the floor, but climbs right back up and splashes the member of the SSPC who was nice enough to lay there waiting for him. The Phat Pack is dominating the action and hit a double team uranage on Seduction, then they whip both members of the SSPC into the corner to try for splashes. They run into their boots which slows them down briefly, but Fallah takes them both out with a big crossbody. Now the girls who came out with the Phat Pack and the SSPC go at it in the ring (it looks like Shelly Martinez, Amber O'Neal and someone else, but I can't quite tell from where I'm sitting). D-Struction spears Maybe Shelly Martinez into next week, the Phat Pack takes the SSPC out to the floor to brawl, and Black Hollywood foils a double team by D-Struction and...