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[Note to readers of this coverage: There have been a lot of buffering issues with the iPPV. As a result, there is a lot that has been missed in the coverage. I will have the full coverage of the show once the replay is posted on the ROH Website]

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Tonight’s iPPV starts with footage of Jay Briscoe defeating Kevin Steen to become the new Ring of Honor World Champion at Supercard of Honor. Then we go to Mark Briscoe confronting his brother in the ring to set up their match tonight.

Your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino.

Steve and Kevin discuss the card with a focus on the title matches and the Kevin Steen/Matt Hardy match.

Match Number One: BJ Whitmer versus Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob Evans)

Due to some buffering issues, the action starts off on the floor and Bennett with a clothesline off the apron to Whitmer. Bennett sends Whitmer back into the ring and while we look at Maria, Bennett apparently sends Whitmer into the turnbuckles. Bennett misses a splash into the corner when Whitmer moves. Whitmer with chops to Bennett as they go around the ring.

Whitmer with a back breaker and he gets a near fall. Whitmer with an Irish whip and Evans distracts Whitmer before a charge into the corner and somehow Bennett has a rear chin lock on Whitmer due to buffering from the feed.

Whitmer with an elbow but Bennett with a knee to the midsection and Bennett struts and hits a diving head butts to the midsection. Bennett with chops and punches in the corner. Bennett with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Bennett with a rear chin lock and the arm is trapped. Whitmer with punches to Bennett’s midsection but Bennett with a drop kick for a near fall.

Bennett punches Whitmer while Maria gives some thoughts on the match at the announce table. Whitmer has had enough of the punches and he punches Bennett. Bennett with a knee to the midsection but Whitmer with clotheslines. Bennett with a power slam after ducking a clothesline. Whitmer is ready for the running knee and a suplex. Whitmer rolls through and he hits a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.

After some more buffering Bob Evans tries to interfere but he is sent to the floor. Whitmer hits an Exploder for the three count.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

After the match, Maria yells at Bob and blames him for Mike’s loss. Mike joins in the verbal barrage on Bob.

Match Number Two: The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) versus Adrenaline RUSH (ACH and Tadarius Thomas)

Richards starts off the match with ACH and they have a Greco Roman knuckle lock. ACH rolls through and he applies a wrist lock. Davey with a cartwheel. ACH with a head scissor and Davey escapes. They both attempt kicks and the block each other. They say they will let go at three, but they both lie. The second time, they are men of honor.

Richards with a back heel kick to ACH. Richards sends ACH into Eddie’s head and then Eddie is tagged in. Eddie chops ACH and then he gives ACH a head butt. Eddie tries to send ACH into Davey’s head but ACH tries for a rollup. Eddie sends ACH into Davey’s head and then Davey tags back in and he sends ACH into the corners.

ACH with a float over and then he hits a springboard back elbow from the other corner and he gets a near fall. ACH with a head scissors and Thomas tags in. Thomas with a baseball slide to Richards while ACH continues with the figure four head scissors.

Thomas gets a near fall and then he attacks Edwards. Thomas gets tripped by Edwards after a blind tag from Richards and Richards hits a diving head butt from the top for a near fall. Richards with an Indian Death Lock. ACH kicks Richards and Edwards tags in. Edwards with a slam and kick to the back.

Edwards sends Thomas into the turnbuckles and Richards tags in. Richards and Edwards exchange kicks and chops and then Edwards knocks ACH off the apron. Davey gives a modified Chong Li. Richards with a version of the Haas of Pain on Thomas. ACH is kept out of the ring by the referee and Eddie adds extra pressure with a chin lock and Corino teases dissension.

Richards with a waist lock and a series of standing switches. Thomas lands on his feet on a German suplex and he hits an enzuigiri...