Credit: Jeffrey Harris


We are live on press row at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for UFC 146!

Intros for the first preliminary fight begin at approximately 3:15PM PST.

Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan are of course your broadcast team for tonight as we go to the octagon for our first fight. The first fight begins at 3:45PM PST.

Featherweight Bout: Mike Brown (1445 lbs. 25-8) vs. Daniel Pineda (146 lbs. 17-7)

ROUND ONE: The two fighters circle up. Pineda goes in with a head kick attempt and slips. They start trading punches. Brown lands on an overhand right. Pineda fires in witha nice punching combination and hits Brown with a knee. Brown shoots in and is able to get a takedown on Pineda to the other end of the cage. Brown almost gets side control, but Pineda is able to switch the positions and sweeps to the top of Brown. Brown works back to his feet. Brown separates the clinch with a right hand. They trade some punches. Pineda shoots in for a takedown, but Brown is able to counter into a hip throw and gets Pineda to the ground. Brown lands a few punches in the half-guard before the end. It was a close round, but Brown finished it stronger in the end and had more control on the ground.

SCORECARD: Mike Brown, 10-9. Overall, Mike Brown, 10-9.

ROUND TWO: The former featherweight champion in Brown hurts Pineda with a big left hook. Pineda retaliates for a takedown and Brown looks for a guillotine choke. They work back up and Brown is able to slam Pineda down. Pineda is able to sweep the position and looks for a headlock on Brown. Brown stands them up and they clinch against the fence. Brown tees off on Pineda and lands some solid shots to the body. They go back to the center of the cage. Brown lands on an another overhand right shot but slips on a kick. Brown quickly gets back up and lands some punches on the head of Pineda when he mistimes a takedown shot. Brown works in the full guard and lands some punches and elbow strikes as it looks like Brown has effectively taken the second round.

SCORECARD: Mike Brown, 10-9. Overall, Mike Brown 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Brown looks to have been cut open from an elbow shot by Pineda in the second which we see in the replay. Brown shoots in on Pineda against the face. It looks like a knee strike hurt Pineda who doubles over to the mat. Brown takes top position in the half-guard of Pineda and starts landing some ground strikes. Brown works to pass guard but Pineda is able to hang on. Pineda is able to get full guard, but Brown is still firmly in control and winning the fight. Brown continues to land some ground strikes. Pineda however is able to transition and gets the hooks on Brown and looks for a rear naked choke. Pineda switches to a figure-four body lock and tries for the choke, but Brown is able to defend. Pineda swings in come punches, but he is unable to finish or submit Brown. Impressive rally by Pineda, but I don't think it was enough to take back the fight.

SCORECARD: 10-10, Draw. Overall, Mike Brown 30-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Brown by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Light Heavyweight Bout: Kyle Kingsbury (205 lbs. 11-3, 1NC) vs. Glover Teixeira (204 lbs. 17-2)

ROUND ONE: They come out trading punches hard. Teixeira drops Kingsbury and starts raining down punishment. Teixeira gets full mount and eats more punches on the ground from Teixeira. Kingsbury tries to escape, but Teixeira locks him down with an arm triangle choke attempt. Teixeira switches over to the side and Kingsbury taps as that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Glover Teixeira by submission (arm triangle choke) at 1:53 in Round 1.

-Rogan is with Teixeira. Teixeira thanks all the people behind him and in his corner. He says he is happy to be here and happy to win. He also says he has a green card now and he's "here for good."

-An extremely impressive debut by Teixeira. His striking looked incredibly sharp and he showed he's dangerous on the ground as well.

Lightweight Bout: Jacob Volkmann (155 lbs. 14-2) vs. Paul Sass (156 lbs. 12-0)

ROUND ONE: Volkmann gets Sass down to the ground early and tries to apply a guillotine choke. Sass is able to defend it as Volkmann works in the guard. Sass works for a triangle choke and is able to grab the arm. Sass finishes it and Volkmann taps!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Paul Sass by...