Steven Siler vs. Darren Elkins

Round 1

Elkins steps inside to throw punches at the longer Siler, who responds with leg kicks inside. More aggressive combo punching from Elkins and now he shoves Siler into the fence with an underhook. Elkins gets the body lock and spins Siler to the floor, quickly passing to side control. Siler gets his guard back and throws punches from his back, but it’s Elkins posturing up and scoring the heavy shots on top. Elkins grabs a guillotine from half-guard, loses it as Siler tries to scramble back to his feet, but is able to keep Siler on the ground. Another guillotine attempt from Elkins and now he pulls guard in an attempt to finish. Siler gets out of danger by peeling the wrists but finishes the round on his back.

Round 2

Elkins has Siler back on the ground within 30 seconds and quickly starts working for a choke or neck crank. He loses it and stands, then gets cracked with a hard upkick. Elkins dives down and latches onto Siler’s back with a body triangle, again looking for the rear-naked choke. It looks deep but Siler defends well, though he can’t shake the wrestler off his back. Heavy punches from Elkins have badly bloodied Siler’s nose. Siler gets off a few good elbows over his shoulder before getting caught in another RNC. Siler gives the thumbs-up to referee Marc-Andre Cote and Elkins lets go. Yet another choke attempt is defended by Siler, who won’t give up and finishes the round punching over his shoulder at Elkins.

Round 3

Siler tries to establish his jab in the opening but the fresher Elkins is connecting when he steps inside with hooks and jabs of his own. Another takedown for Elkins one minute into the round; this time, Siler is able to use the fence and get back to his feet with relative ease. Elkins sticks a right hand, dodges wild punches from Siler and dives on a single-leg. Halfway through the round and Siler is on his back in the middle of the cage, trying to mount some offense from his back with Elkins in his guard. Siler pulls rubber guard, can’t do anything with it. He manages to get back to his feet when Elkins stands up to reposition, but Elkins double-legs him right back to the canvas. Siler gets up with 30 seconds to go, stuffs a shot from Elkins and frames up a brabo choke. Elkins extracts his head from the last-ditch sub attempt and should be on his way to a decision win.

Official result: All three judges score the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Darren Elkins.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Azamat Gashimov

Round 1

Gashimov opens with kicks while Menjivar looks to come over the top with a right hand. An early takedown attempt from Gashimov succeeds but he’s soon forced to play defense as Menjivar throws up his legs for a triangle or armbar. Gashimov stands to extract himself and dives back down to work from Menjivar’s guard. Gashimov briefly considers an ezekiel choke from guard, lets it go. Menjivar throws his legs up again for another armbar and this time it’s deep. With Menjivar cranking the arm belly-down, Gashimov is forced to tap out at 2:44 of the first round.

Matt Riddle vs. John Maguire

Round 1

Riddle keeps on the outside early, trying to stick the shorter Maguire with straight punches. Not much solid offense through the first half of the round, with Maguire looking to counter Riddle’s punches with right hands. Maguire catches a low kick from Riddle, can’t find the counter. Short elbow inside from Riddle connects and a left hook shortly after. Maguire catches another kick and Riddle leaps out of it, pushing Maguire away with a spinning kick. Good outside thigh kick from Maguire A third caught low kick and this time Maguire tries to swarm on Riddle. It doesn’t work, as Riddle reverses Maguire into the fence with underhooks. Maguire starts turning up the offense just before the round ends.

Round 2

Good leg kick from Maguire and Riddle tries to answer over the top with a right hand. Riddle’s punches are coming up short, so he digs an underhook and bullies Maguire into the fence for a moment. Now it’s Riddle catching a kick and shoving Maguire to the ground. Maguire tries to bait Riddle into his guard, but Riddle is cautious, kicking at the prone Englishman’s legs. Riddle dives into Maguire’s guard and quickly backs out to stand over him again. Ref Yves Lavigne orders Maguire back to his feet and now it’s Maguire going after a single-leg. Riddle denies it and puts Maguire on the cage, again not...