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Steve Borden
  • Birthdate: 03/20/1959 (age 56)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Sting is best known for his tenure in World Cha...

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Credit: Larry Csonka

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Austin Aries © vs. Zema Ion vs. Chris Sabin

Ion fixes his hair, and then climbs, Aries and Sabin watch and then pull him down and the beating begins. Ion to the floor, and Aries and Sabin both try for their finishers, lots of counters and Aries finally takes control and looks to climb. Ion back in, facebuster to Aries and now Ion climbs. Sabin stops that, sidekick by Sabin and then a sweet tornado DDT. Ion back to the floor, and he climbs. Aries up top with him, and a fun fact, this is Chris Sabin's 15th Ultimate X Match. Sabin sends Aries to the mat, forearms follow and now Sabin climbs again. Aries tries o pull him off the cables, does and slams him to the corner in a DVD fashion, airplane spin and drops Sabin to the mat. Aries looks to climb, but Sabin knocks him off. Stun gun by Aries, slingshot senton and then Ion back in. Sends Ion to the floor and then tosses Sabin onto Ion. Aries sets, and gets the heat-seeking missile! Aries now climbs for the title. Aries almost to the middle, Ion in and grabs a foot and pulls him off. They trade shots, Ion with a boot to the face. Up top and looks to climb. Aries follows and Sabin over and Aries is knocked to the mat. Aries sends Sabin to the floor, and climbs to stop Ion. He slams Ion into the metal rigging and now he goes across the cable. Ion up to stop him, and Aries with a TOP ROPE RANA~! Corner dropkick and BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAA~! Aries now climbs, almost across and grabs the belt and wins.

Sabin may be hurt as he is still down, possibly hurt a knee as he was oddly out for a lot of the ending sequence. The replay shows his knee seemed to buckle underneath him.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 7:00

-Aries says he came to TNA and made big claims almost a year ago. He said he could defeat anyone and that he was pound for pound the best in wrestling. He said he was the greatest man that ever lived, and they gave him an inch he took a yard, and then a mile. He knocked it all out of the park. It doesn't matter what match he is in, he is always the main event and always must see TV. But he is not satisfied with the X-Title, and he is here to take respect.

Hulk Hogan now makes his way out to the ring.

Back from the commercial and Aries and Hogan are in the ring. Hogan says he hears the crowd, and says he hears it when Aries comes out to the ring. But for him to come out week after week and say he is the main event, that is a tall order. Well, he knows that he knows about Hogan's career, and Hogan has been there and done that. He knows what it is like to be the main event and break all the records. Hogan then says that the one thing he never did was get the Goosebumps he got when he sees Aries wrestle. Aries has taken it to another level and he says that Aries is the greatest thing he has ever seen in this ring. Aries then says he wants to be the man and the main event. Hogan says he is the GM, and if Aries wants to be the main event, Hogan can make it happen at Destination X. Hogan will book the world champion against Aries at the PPV, only if Aries gives up the X-Division title, because he cannot have one man holding two titles. If he wins at Destination X, he is the world champion, if he loses, he walks away with nothing. Hogan says he believes, the fans believe, and they know he can do it. Aries says he busted his ass for the title, and now has to hand it over. Hogan says he can become the world champion ad become greatness in one night. He tells Aries to prove it and has one week to make his decision, and Aries says fair enough.

-We get video clips from Slammiversary.

-Still to come, we will hear from Sting.

-We see Joe Park in catering discussing his victory at Slammiversary. People bail as Bully Ray appears. Ray asks where Abyss is. Park says he last saw him putting Ray through a table at the PPV. Ray then says he will not rest until he finds...