Cm punk quitting wwe featured
CM Punk
Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Birthdate: 10/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as "the longest-reigni...

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WWE Divas Championship

Fatal Four-Way Match

AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi

The bell rings and everyone is slow to start. AJ bails and everyone chases her. She runs out to the floor on both sides of the ring and Natalya throws her into the barricade, then Naomi does the same, and Brie gives her a third shot for good measure. Natalya brings things back into the ring and Brie knocks AJ right back out to the floor. Brie hits a double clothesline on Naomi and Natalya before hitting them both with huge running knees. Brie dropkicks Natalya from the ring apron to the floor. Naomi hits a huge dropkick on Brie, then after a nice little series, hits a decent hurricanrana. Brie runs into Naomi in the corner and AJ almost sneaks in a roll up on Natalya.

Things break down and all four women fight. Brie goes for a superplex on Naomi, but is pulled down by Natalya. Natalya rolls up Brie, gets a two count, then ducks a cross body from Naomi. AJ tosses Naomi and Natalya from the ring. Naomi is quick to recover on the apron, scoring a kick to Natalya's head, but AJ pulls her off the apron. AJ heads to the apron but is dropkicked off by Natalya. Brie and Natalya fight in the ring with Natalya suplexing and slamming Brie to the mat before clotheslining Naomi. Natalya sets up the sharpshooter, but punches Brie and slams her on top of Naomi instead. Natalya grabs Brie's legs and Naomi's legs and wraps them up for a double sharpshooter, she turns them, but it's broken up by AJ.

AJ catches Natalya in the octopus hold, and Natalya is forced to tap out.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

- Josh Matthews is with Alex Riley, Booker T, and Santino. Booker says that we're going to see a new World Champion. Alberto Del Rio has shown he's a real World Champion, but RVD will win tonight. Riley says RVD has 17 years of experience, and this might be his last shot. Booker says he's old school, and he hopes to see his friend hit the five star frog splash and win the World Title.

- Back at ringside, Rob Van Dam's music hits, and the challenger makes his way out to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez in tow.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam w/Ricardo Rodriguez

RVD is super over with the crowd off the bat. The bell rings and Del Rio kicks and hits RVD with a couple of rights before drilling him with a shoulder block. RVD responds with a huge back kick to the chest. RVD fights Del Rio into the corner before whipping him across the ring and hitting him with a running spinning heel kick. RVD monkey flips Del Rio across the ring before hitting a standing moonsault that's good for two.

Del Rio catches RVD with a huge dropkick, but misses another kick and ends up tied up in the ropes. Del Rio ends up dropkicked to the floor and Van Dam dives to the outside to wipe out Del Rio. RVD kicks Del Rio into the barricade before suplexing him chest first on top of the barricade. RVD heads up to the ring apron and hits a spinning back kick to Del Rio, who's laid out over the barricade.

Del Rio gets back to the apron and blocks a suplex, bringing Van Dam back into the ring. Van Dam puts Del Rio back into the ring, and Del Rio hangs Van Dam up on the top rope, causing him to fall to the floor. Del Rio dives to the outside on top of Van Dam, then throws him into the barricade hard. Del Rio brings things back into the ring and gets a two count before clamping on a rear chin lock. Van Dam fights to his feet, and rolls Del Rio up for two. Del Rio suplexes Van Dam and kicks him in the back of the head.

Del Rio chokes Van Dam against the bottom rope before kicking him in the back of the head again for another two count. Del Rio goes right back to the rear chin lock, and Van Dam fights right back up to his feet. Del Rio hear butts RVD and drops him with a belly to back suplex. RVD rolls to the apron and Del Rio scores with an enzugiri to knock Van Dam to the floor.

Del Rio goes for another dive through the ropes, but Van Dam moves and Del Rio hits the ground. Back in the ring, Van Dam