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Tenille Averil Dashwood
  • Birthdate: 03/01/1989 (age 26)
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 132 Ib

Emma is an Austrailian professional wrestler an...

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WRESTLEROCK: Saturday, 1st of February, 2014

The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

As my plane touched down in Melbourne, the Mecca of Australian Professional Wrestling, little did I realize the spectacle that I was about to witness that is "Wrestlerock." A 3 hour extravaganza of high voltage rock'n'roll and professional wrestling at its finest, showcased in the Eastern Suburb of Richmond at a venue dubbed "the Hardcore Hotel." 

And its formidable moniker not only lived up to its name but exceeded with its promise to deliver a dose of sports entertainment the likes of which have never been seen before on the Australian Independent circuit, or even the WWE for that matter.


First on the bill were enigmatic rockers "Los Amigos," a Lucha Libre inspired band of mystery in full Mexican regale, complete with Luchador masks. With their unorthodox and rather unique combination of stadium rock and punk with TISM inspired stage antics, these charismatic masked men from Tijuana (so they say, no one really knows for sure) led the crowd in toe tapping infectious grooves, fist pumping anthems and witty banter about mamacitas and their half eaten tacos. 

Which was the perfect appetizer to the main course that would be more unpredictable then could have possibly been imagined. 

Upon the introduction of MC's "Big Daddy" Julian James and the self professed "Howard Hughes of professional wrestling," Criss Fresh as our announce team, the show had not even officially started before an impromptu brawl between Adam Brooks and former Wrestlerock champion Slex broke out. As the melee was broken up by officials and as the Daniel Bryan inspired YES chants from a very vocal crowd filled the venue, little did I know that this was a fitting precursor to the madness that was about to be witnessed..

Josh "The Axe" Shooter w/ Michael Bassem vs Cletus

The first event on the card featured Josh "The Axe" Shooter, a charismatic and cocky individual who did not mind telling the audience that he was the man of the hour, and along with his equally obnoxious manager Michael Bassem, stirred up the crowd like true professionals and made sure they were out for blood. 

Suddenly, the mighty Jimmy Barnes blared through the speakers and Cletus, a wrestler decked out in typical Aussie fashion (jean shorts and a flannelette), came stomping through the curtain to a huge ovation.This was a great opener to start the show, with Cletus especially pulling off some spectacular moves, reminiscent of a certain TNA superstar by the name of Christopher Daniels.

Although after a few great spots the match itself descended into a farce and a DQ win for Cletus, as Josh Shooter's dubious methods were obvious to even the most blind of referees with a rather brutal chair shot that actually snapped this chosen foreign object in half. But as the beat down of Cletus commenced, the unlikeliest hero emerged from the back to save the day. 

Mr Juicy vs Josh "The Axe" Shooter w/ Michael Bassem

Mr Juicy, whose gimmick and look alone was enough to convince me as to who to go for, suddenly appeared from the back, much to the crowds delight, and proceeded to enter the ring and stomp a mudhole into Josh Shooter who was forced to retreat alongside his advocate. All of a sudden, a referee hits the ring and we have an impromptu unscheduled bout. 

Now although Mr Juicy may not look it, he actually has awesome in ring ability of his own and pulled off some amazing moves for a man of his "stature." The match went back and forth but alas, it was not meant to be as "The Axe," along with his manager and utilizing more of those aforementioned dubious methods saw him pick up the victory. 

But all was not lost as Mr Juicy got his own back with a Rikishi inspired stink face using quite possibly the most unattractive backside ever witnessed (from a certain point of view I guess). And the crowd was not only supportive of their efforts but were now "electric" to say the very least.

Triple Threat Hardcore Match - Krackerjak vs Mad Dog vs Vixsin

Suddenly, an assortment of hardcore weaponry started coming through the curtain the likes of which would make ECW alumni proud. Barbwire, tables, thumbtacks, chairs and a various assortment of items found in the local hardware store. Then as the competitors entered the ring one by one for this triple threat hardcore match the realization that one of them was a woman going by the name of Vixsin made things suddenly seem very real. 

I found it difficult to write of this as I am aware that hearing about or seeing a woman brutalized within the squared circle might be uncomfortable for readers but as the match progressed, Vixsin showed just as much "balls" as her male counterparts and with a very loud crowd showing their support it became more...

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