Event: Monday Night Raw

Location: Orlando, FL

Reported By: Jared Monk (jaeknox)

John Cena Speaks:

Cena's out first to very strong yet typical mixed reaction. He actually got some pretty strong "Yes" chants from the majority. He pokes some serious fun at JBL for writing him off saying he returned too soon. He then thanks JBL for being wrong. He lets the world know that he's back for good and proclaims that "THE CHAMP IS HERE".

"HALLELUJAH" Out comes Damien Sandow and this guy is working the crowd. He say's he can cash in whenever he wants. He say's he can cash in now and then he motions to the ref....then he changes his mind and say's "any night but tonight". He attempts to exit the thing but Cena gets a quick hold on him then Sandow goes in for the attack on his less than 100% elbow. He damages it with the briefcase. He then throws him out of the ring and rams the elbow into one of the corner ring poles. After that, he throws Cena shoulder first into into the barricade. After more beating on the arm, he rams Cena into the ring steps which looks painful every time. Sandow positions Cena's injured arm on the steps and then rams it with a chair. He then hands his briefcase to the ref and declares that he's cashing in.

Damien Sandow vs John Cena(C) - WWE Championship

Cena starts off selling the injury for maybe 30 seconds as he's taking a huge beating. He tries to go the bulk of the match fighting with only one arm. As the match continues, we now have ourselves a back and forth encounter. The crowd becomes red hot for this and we get our first "THIS IS AWESOME" chant. After close to maybe 10 counters both sides and a Cena big boot, Sandow is able to hit his You're Welcome signature move a bit later in the match. Cena kicks out. After a few minutes roll by, Sandow goes for a piledriver that Cena's able to counter into an AA for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

Big E Langston vs Dean Ambrose(C) - United States Championship

Big E is sporting stitches under his eye and Ambrose has a cut under his chin from their encounter Sunday night. These two start the match off brawling at a rather quick pace. Langston is going for a rope attack as Rollins and Reigns pulls him out of the ring and beat him down. They throw him in the ring and now we have all three members of the Shield attacking Langston. The Uso's come out for the huge save and we have ourselves a brawl. Brad Maddox makes his way out and he restarts the match as a 6-man tag team match.

Winner: No Contest

Big E Langston & The Uso's vs The Shield

This match was rather quick. All men got a chance to tag in and do some spots. Towards the end, Reigns hit a beautiful double spear on both the Uso's thus getting the 3 count directly after.

Winners via pinfall: The Shield

Shawn Michaels Explanation:

HBK comes out as the tweener basically as he still embraces the crowd with handshakes. HBK say's he owes Daniel Bryan an explanation and asks him to come to the ring. DB comes to the ring to a huge pop but he doesn't look happy at all. HBK gets strong "YOU SOLD OUT" chants and you could even hear some sporadic "YOU SCREWED BRET" chants. HBK say's Triple H is his bestfriend. No one understands their relationship and how Triple H has been there for him through everything. He explains that he naturally had his bestfriend's back when he saw DB attack him. He say's to DB that he reacted on instinct. He asks Bryan for a handshake but Bryan declines. He then tells DB you can't trust anyone in this business, not him, and not that little soon to be wife of yours. He then demands another handshake but DB declines yet again. HBK then gets real heel on us as he toots his own horn and reiterates the fact that he's an A+ player. He say's that Triple H was right about Daniel Bryan. He say's Bryan better shake his hand and show him the respect he deserves. DB finally goes for the handshake but quickly rolls HBK up into the Yes lock and HBK is selling the hell out of it. Three refs run down to break things up and HBK gets huge "YOU TAPPED OUT" chants.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan attacked by The Wyatt's

Daniel Bryan is shown backstage...