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Dark Match:

Bray Wyatt (the former Husky Harris) beat Alex Riley in 5-6 minutes. Bray got tremendous heat from the crowd and Riley got a great pop.

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday):

WWE Tag-Team Champion Kofi Kingston beat Michael McGillicutty. Kofi got a huge pop and McGillicutty got a mid-heat response. Pretty awkward toward the end, but overall a decent-enough match lasting ten minutes.

AW cut a promo about All World Promotions. He eventually brought out the Prime Time Players leading to ......

Darren Young beat Epico after some shenanigans from Titus O'Neil. Decent match going five minutes, but a lame finish with the interference. AW's gimmick will definitely get over since his mic stayed on all match. Hashtag - ANNOYING.