Thanks to readers Aaron Joyce and Nick Clohessy for sending in these live updates:

Dark Match:

Shows about to start with superstars, showing a highlight package of wM28 to start while Justin Roberts heads to the ring. Arena is pretty much a sell out with a top tier section curtained off. A lot of YES! Chants and Cena Sucks from the crowd.

Arena is packed I the rafters. Literally. The back row is up at the roof and is full. Wrestlemania video package shown before Superstars taping begins.

First off with have Alex Riley vs Dean Ambrose with what I'm guessing is his SuperStars debut. Tells the crowd he's the hardcore legend. Crow chants who are ya!

Ambrose wins with a running knee to the temple. An announce team was not present for the match so this was the dark match of the evening.

WWE Superstars:

Now we're ready for Superstars as Matthews and Striker head to the ring. First up is Kelly Kelly vs Eve. Hoeski chants commence.

Crowd isn't bothered much by the action, entertaining themselves instead with Hoski chants and Yes chants. Eve won after Kelly hit the Stink face and Eve got a quick roll up pin with her feet on the ropes.

Superstars Match 2: R-Truth vs Jack Swagger

Truth gets a good pop. Swagger gets lots of boos. Sadly no Vickie.

Swaggers has had Truth's number most of the match and getting plenty of cheap heat posing to the crowd.

Lots of Little Jimmy chants. R-Truth leads the crowd in What's Up chants whilst holding Swagger in a submission hold. Crowd is more into this match. At one point Swagger hits a picture perfect Wheelbarrow Suplex for a 2 count. Let's go Swagger/Swagger Sucks chants ring throughout the arena. King calls us (and Canada) bizarro land for a reason! We Brits really are a funny bunch. Truth gets a 2 count after a tornado DDT off the second rope. Ends up winning with the Little Jimmy after Swagger missed the Swagger Bomb. Not a bad match.