Credit: Jamie Vance, Bruce Wilson &

Dark Match:

There was no dark match.

WWE Superstars (Airing Friday):

The WWE Superstars taping began with Josh Matthews and Matt Striker coming out for commentary.

The Uso's defeated Primo and Epico. The Uso's controlled the early parts of the match. Primo and Epico took control after a blind tag and kept control until a hot tag. The Uso's won in about ten minutes. The crowd enjoyed the Uso's.

In between matches we had a live cut in on the USA network. The disco ball lowered and Broads Clay was out next to a lot of cheers and dancing.

Brodus Clay defeated Michael McGillicutty. Brodus stayed in charge until he missed a splash and was dumped out of the ring. McGillicutty got a few moves in before Brodus picked up the victory - not your typical squash match.