Ryan Shoptaw called in the following results from tonight's RAW/Superstars tapings:


Abraham Washington comes out and cuts a promo and introduces Damien Antonio or whatever his name is. SOMEBODY CALL MY MAMA BRODUS CLAY HAS COME TO THE RING.

It's Brodus Clay vs. Damien. Brodus comes out to a big pop. Damien gets booed. Brodus Clay wins in a one minute squash.


Superstars announcers just came out. Guess the Brodus Clay match was a dark match before Superstars starts.

Rise Above Hate video just aired on the Titantron.

Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendez have just come out to the ring. This will be tag-team match. JTG and McGillicutty just introduced. Epico and Primo win via Codebreaker.

Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger announced on Titantron.

Santino comes to to decent pop. Swagger comes out to mixed reaction since he is the hometown boy. Swagger wins via ankle lock. Swagger vs. Marella was a good back and forth match. Lasted about 10 minutes. Looks like Superstars is over.

Just wanted you to know that Santino got a bigger pop than The Funkasaurus....very sad.