Credit: Frank Canelli & PWInsider

Dark Match:

There wasn't one.

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday):

The Miz defeated Tensai. The Miz received a huge reaction and Tensai was booed loudly. Miz started off fast, then Tensai got the edge and it spilled to the outside. Back inside, Tensai continued with some big hits. Tensai got a near fall after catching Miz off the top rope with a hit to the jaw. It was back and forth for several minutes and was fast paced. There was a very close fall by Miz after a double ax handle, then he hit his finisher and won. There were "Albert" and "Miz is Awesome" chants all match. Not bad. Plus, the crowd was pretty hot.

Brodus Clay and Zack Ryder defeated The Prime Time Players. Ryder and Clay were over big. Darren Young ran when Clay was tagged in, which got a lot of laughs. Ryder tagged in and Titus O'Neil pretty much owned him aside from the Broski Kick that Ryder managed to land. Clay performed his splash for the win. A fast five minutes match but a lot of fun. Kids danced in the ring with Clay afterwards.