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Dark Match:

There wasn't one.

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday):

Paige vs. Cameron (w/Naomi) - Paige gets a great pop. She's starting to win over the crowds. Easy to see why. After working some back and forth, including on the outside, Cameron enters the ring and tries to make up with Paige by shaking hands. Kick to the guy to Paige allows some offense by Cameron, but he misses a cross body from the top rope. Paige takes advantage and wins via her Paige Tap Out (PTO) submission. Decent match. They teased a Funkadactyle break up, after the match, with Cameron on the ring apron refusing Naomi's assistance.

Big E. vs. Titus O'Neil - Big E. gets a nice ovation. His match with Rusev last night has people in the crowd talking. They begin the match with a long series of lockups. O'Neil chops Big E. in the corner, which causes E. come back with a vengeance, chopping Titus to the middle of the ring. Big E. gives a shoulder block and Titus retreats to the corner. Some back and forth with a series of knee drops by Big E. gets a 2 count. Big E. gets another shoulder block on Titus off the ropes. Titus is back up and throws Big E. to the outside. Titus shows a lot of aggression, slinging E. into the ring wall by he commentator table. Titus works Big E. against the wall before E. reverses an tosses Titus into the wall, himself. They get back inside the ring and Titus works an abdominal stretch. Big E. gets the support of the fans and does a hip toss. That leads to an O'Neil powerslam off the ropes. O'Neil attempts a finisher and gets a 2 count. He throws E. into the corner and slaps him repeatedly, then performing a series of splashes. He brings E. to the middle of the ring where E. performs a back body drop. E. then hits a series of lariats then a belly to belly. He then runs the ropes and hits a splash. He drops the ropes and sets up for The Big Ending, but Titus reverses with a big boot. Gets a 2 count. Titus with E. in the for we again, trying to get some heel heat. He runs to the other corner to turn around for a running splash, but E. is right behind and hits Titus with a spear in the opposite corner. Big E. then hits The Big Ending and gets the pin. A solid big man match. They both worked hard. Nice to see O'Neil show some offense and be featured, a bit.