Event: WWE Monday Night Raw

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Reported By: Jared Monk (jaeknox)

Opening Segment: HBK Returns

HBK comes out to a huge pop to no one's surprise. He touches quickly on the fact that he's trained Daniel Bryan, he's always hated Randy Orton and he's still bestfriend's with Triple H but does manage to guarantee that one man will leave The HIAC PPV WWE Champion. Randy Orton interrupts to a rather huge mixed hometown pop. He runs down HBK expressing that he always has and always will be better than him. After some quick jawing back and forth HBK gives us the traditional, "I got two words for ya". He turns around to leave the ring, Orton grabs him and attempts an RKO that HBK blocks and then goes for a Sweet Chin Music that Orton was able to avoid by sliding out the ring. As he's headed up the ramp, Miz quickly attacks Orton from behind leading into their match and we head to our first commercial break.

Match #1: The Miz vs Randy Orton

Great back and forth match between these two. Say what you want about both men but they usually are great workers and Miz seems to get better every week. The Wyatt's appear on the top of the entrance ramp which distracts that Miz. The interruption allows Orton to sneak in a quick RKO for the 1 2 3. After the match, Bray cuts the typical yet entertaining follow the buzzards promo.

Winner: Randy Orton

Match #2: Fandangoo vs Santino Marella

We start this one off with some quick dance moves from both men. Pretty solid back and forth encounter as Santino goes for the cobra, Fandango ducks it and Sanitno comes close to hitting Summer Rae off the apron. Fandango capitalizes off this and rolls Santino up with a schoolboy for the three count.

Winner: Fandango

Match#3: Los Matadores vs 3MB (Heath Slater & Drew McCintyre)

Fairly quick match as both Matadores do their high spots and they get the quick pinfall victory. After the match The Matadores and the little bull did a pretty nice finisher on Jinder Mahal.

Winner: Los Matadores

In-Ring Segment: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

The crowd starts off with very strong "You Got Knocked Out" chants directed at Triple H in regards to the Big Show knocking him out last week. Stephanie announces that they are pressing charges against The Big Show for assault and trespassing. Triple H grabs the mic and runs the fans down for not realizing that he does everything to benefit the Universe. He say's now he's gonna be the bad guy and honestly ending up cutting one of the most vicious promo's I've seen from him since his Evolution days. Daniel Bryan interrupts and starts doing his "YES" pose on the top the ramp. Out comes Del Rio from behind as he attacks the grappler from Washington state. Stephanie announces to Bryan that Del Rio is his opponent for later in the night.

Match #4: Ryback w/Paul Heyman vs R-Truth - Beat the Clock

This one is pretty much a longer version of a squash match as Ryback is all over Truth and Truth barely got much offense in. Crowd is a bit tuned out with this one and they start their ever popular "Jerry" chant for Jerry Lawler. Ryback hits his finisher and gets the pinfall victory at 5:44 so that's the time Cm Punk has to beat.

Winner: Ryback @5.44

Match #5: Tons of Funk vs The Real Americans

This basically seems like a match to feature Cesaro. Ever since Cesaro started doing the giant swing, he's been the key feature in all his matches. Tonight he pretty much did all his spots and more, looks like he's really headed towards a push. All four men looked good and Cesaro was able to get the pinfall on Brodus Clay. After the match Cesaro gave Clay the giant swing.

Winner: The Real Americans

Match #6: Tamina Snuka w/ AJ Lee vs Brie Bella

Tamina is all over Brie in the early goings. This was also another squash match in which Snuka got the victory in pretty easy fashion. After the match, Snuka hits Brie with another Samoan Drop and Superfly Smash from the top rope. AJ then hits the ring and locks up Brie in her Black Widow submission hold to add insult to injury. Banned from ringside, Nicki then runs out to check on her sister as we head to commercial.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

Match #7: Cm Punk vs Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman - Beat the Clock

Punk comes out to a very solid...