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And we are LIVE!

We start with Bobby Cruise and no video, but it cuts to the ROH TV show opening.

Nigel McGuinness & Kevin Kelly in the ring

The broadcast team chats in the ring as we have mic issues. A staple of ROH broadcasts! Things are working now, and Kelly welcomes us to the show. He puts over the roster and mentions out two title matches. They put over the young stars in the main event. Nigel references that 10 years ago it appeared that sports entertainment won the battle, but several guys got together and proved that professional wrestling wasn't dead. Yeah, and none of those guys work there anymore! Nigel is really passionate about the product.

Comments from the All Night Express

The comments are REALLY low and hard to read, but I could tell that Rhett was indicating they wanted to test themselves before they went after the tag team titles and got retribution on The Young Bucks.

The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) vs.

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

Rhett Titus returns to wrestling, and he came back very early. He developed a little bit of a gut, but he's still in better shape than 95% of us. Fast action to start as Benjamin attacks, but Titus retaliates with chops and a bulldog out of the corner for two. Kenny King tags in and goes to work on the arm. Matching tights for both teams—in 2012! That makes me smile.

Shelton Benjamin takes King down, but King comes back with a hiptoss. Shelton reverses the Irish Whip, and nails a lifted low blow in front of the referee. Paul Turner is obviously trying out for TNA. Charlie Haas is in and levels King in the face, then lays the boots. Double bird for the fans. Kenny King ducks a punch and delivers a drop kick. Double team by the ANX ends in a neck breaker from Titus and Charles Haas is on the floor. Shelton in, and he eats a leg lariat from King and hits the floor as well. DOUBLE TOPE SUICIDO! WGTT are down, and Haas is sent back in by Titus. Charlie Haas grabs the ropes for protection, and Kenny King levels him. Shelton takes out Rhett's leg, but we don't get to see it. Haas immediately goes after the knee brace and goes after the surgically repaired knee. Titus apparently worked with the NY Giants physical therapy staff to come back early. Shelton is in, and it's all about Rhett's knee. By the way, Titus calls tonight his "Rhetturn." Step over toehold, but Titus kicks him away. Thus, Shelton just unloads on Rhett!

Charlie Haas in, and the fans immediately give him hell. He continues to work over the knee in the corner, and delivers a chop for good measure. Corner charge connects with the knee as well. WGTT has Titus trapped in their corner and they go to work on Titus's knee some more. Kenny King goes for the save, distracting the ref. Shelton gets a chair, but the ref sees it and prevents it. Twice. But as he does, Charlie Haas chokes Rhett. RINGPOST FIGURE FOUR! This can't be good for the rehab process.

Haas celebrates, and proves just how great of a heel he is. Rhett crawls in and rolls up Shelton for two as Kenny King provided the distraction by going up top. Reverse Figure Four by Shelton and the audio levels change. Rhett turns it into a roll-up for two. Haas tags in and continues to work on that knee. Haas kicks Titus in the ear ad Kelly tells us that Rhett suffers from a chronically ruptured eardrum.

HOT TAG TO KING! And he's a house-a-fire! King went for a really cool transition into a single leg crab but it botches. He still goes right into it. Shelton in, and he eats the double shotgun knees from King. Small package gets two for Shelton as we get a "Ken-ny King" chant in NYC. Knee lift-spinning kick combo connects, and Rhett gets two before Haas breaks up the pin. Backdrop telegraphed by Haas, but he connects with the German. Kenny King tags in, inverted atomic drop superkick combo, but Kenny King grabs the bottom rope as Titus makes the save. Haas & Titus toe-to-toe now, and Titus "Hulk's up." Both men tumble over the top with a clothesline.

Shelton Benjamin goes to powerbomb Kenny King, who reverses it into a roll-up for two. Shelton kicks out, but Kenny King is persistent and scores the win!

Winners: The All Night Express, 13:34, ***1/2

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