Thanks to readers Chris Jackson and Lamar Ortega for sending in these updates:

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole head to the ring. King gets a huge pop.

Cole comes out to Kerwin White's music and gets nuclear heat. King comes out to classic King music and a big pop.

Lilian Garcia sang "God Save The Queen" and received some boos!

Loads of boos for the patronizing pandering, especially when she elongates the last line. "God Save The Queen" isn't the Star Spangled Banner. It isn't open to artistic interpretation. It is sung and written to the age old music.

We're now ready for the RAW taping.


We're kicking off RAW with the WWE title match! CM Punk gets a huge pop from the crowd. Lots of "Sexual Chocolate" chants for Mark Henry.

First out is Mark Henry. He walks to the ring in the dark and they play the opening video package for RAW. The pyro is awesome live. Then they announce the No DQ & No Count out match for the WWE Title.

CM Punk vs. Mark Henry kicks us off.

Punk comes out to a huge reaction. Henry is obviously already in the ring. "CM Punk" chants rock the arena. Henry gets lots of heat during the introductions. The match starts with "Daniel Bryan" and "Sexual Chocolate" chants.

Punk suicide dives Henry taking Henry down as the two brawl outside. Punk runs on the barrier and hits Henry and leaps on Henry hitting him with a clothesline from behind! Punk jumps off the apron but gets caught by Henry and dumped on the rail so begin the no chants. Punk's got a chair and blasts Henry. Punk hits a suicide dive and a Jeff Hardy style barricade run. Yes chants for all of Punk's kicks. Punk goes for a diving knee off the apron and Henry catches him and slams Punk into the barricade. Eventually Punk gets a chair and nails Henry twice for a 2 count. Henry fights back and smashes Punk in the back with the chair. Loads of "YES" chants every time Punk lands a strike. Punk hits a DDT on a kneeling Henry for a two count. Henry catches Punk coming off the top rope with a cross body but Punk gets out of the WSS and nails Henry with a kick. Punk wins with a Macho Man elbow off the top rope with a chair.

Next up is a Chris Jericho Promo. Jericho is on screen in a "pub" and says he has a WWE title match at Extreme Rule. The match will be a Chicago street fight! Crowd chants "YES"! Punk says he doesn't know how Y2J will survive a Chicago street fight after what he did to Henry. He says it's no longer about being best in the world .... it's about kicking his ass and he gets to do it in front of his friends and family. Jericho then shows footage of Punk entering and leaving a pub earlier today. Jericho questions why and asks if he's drunk. Punk tells him to come find out for himself. Punk says he was having fish and chips with his friends. A "fish and chips" chant starts! Jericho says Punk's lifestyle is a farce and at Extreme Rules he's gonna' lose all he has left!

TitanTron shows that Brock Lesnar will be on the show later. Crowd pops massively for that news.

Santino Marella vs. David Otunga is up next. Otunga nearly just botched the pin for Santino to put his leg on the rope. Quick match which has Santino hitting the cobra for the win!

Lord Tensai is on screen and tells Josh Matthews he fears the unknown and then says something Japanese?

It comes up on the screen in the "did you know" graphic that WM28 did 1.3 million buys.

Brock Lesnar promo where he says he's not a Superstar - he's an ass kicker. He says no one has the accolades he has. He says coming back isn't a feel good moment and says he doesn't care what anyone says. He says WWE needs someone to legitimize it and that we're tired of Cena's BS. He says he's real and not fake like Cena. Lesnar says there's piss running down Cena's leg and he's sh*tting himself. He says it's fitting that they're going to have an Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules because beating people up makes him happy.

Zack Ryder vs. Kane is up next. This match apparently never happened as Ryder is KO'd after a chokeslam. Kane's on the mic and talks about what happened on the live SmackDown last week. He says it's true what they -...