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Just got back from the WWE Smackdown tonight, and I had an really fun time. The show was almost a legit sellout. I suspect that ticket sales went up big time in the last two weeks when WWE announced that CM Punk, Triple H, and John Cena were going to be on the show. With all that said the Prudential Center made for a really good crowd and it should come out that way with all three shows they taped. I sat right by the entrance so I was not able to see all of the backstage promos, and for some reason, they did not have the screen board in the middle of the arena showing any of the picture from either show so that made it even harder to see. A minor note, wow that pyro is loud!!! So if you plan on siting near the stage in the future wear some ear buds.

Dark Match: Jinder Mahal defeated Alex Riley. The crowd gave Riley a huge pop due to him being the first face out. The match itself was not that bad and was kept short. Jinder won with the Camel clutch

Next up was the NXT taping. The crowd booed Regal at first, but then took it easy and threw in some cheers for him when they realized he was just announcing.

Justin Gabriel defeated Curt Hawkins. Gabriel won after about three minutes with the 450 splash. I still don't understand why they don't put Gabriel on Smackdown or Raw because he is super talented and he reminds me of a younger Lance Storm

Darren Young defeated Jey Uso. Young won the match with some type of knee buster. The crowd really liked the Usos entrance but couldn't care less about the actual match

Showtime Percy Watson defeated Tyler Reks. Maxine came out to sit at the announce table. To be honest, I didn't even know Reks was still on the roster, but the match was decent. Showtime picked up the win with a modified F5 in about five minutes. Showtime really impressed me and was really smooth in the ring.

Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty. Since I don't watch NXT regularly, I'm guessing these two have been having some kind of feud on the show because they even gave them a highlight package. The match itself was very good, and I would recommend to go online and watch it if you get a chance. The match lasted at least 10 minutes with Kidd doing some sort of weird rollup.

Next Was Superstars

Titus O'Neal defeated Yoshi Tatsu. The match was just a squash match that lasted no more then 3 min.

Drew McIntyre defeated Ezekiel Jackson. I really want to know who Big Zeke pissed off because he has been on a big time losing streak as of late. Otherwise the match itself was decent with Drew picking up the win. After the match Drew picked up the mic and said that all of us were going to witness history because we will never see him lose again.

Out comes Triple H to a huge pop dressed in street clothes. He chatted with a couple of fans ringside right before he walked in the ring and gave McIntyre a pedigree. It was bit for bit exactly like the pedigree he gave the Miz about three weeks ago on raw that was not televised either.

Next was Smackdown. They did the whole Green Day music package and pyro, and as soon as it was over, Daniel Bryan and AJ came out. Daniel Bryan asked AJ to tell the crowd why and how much she loves him. Not sure how its going to come out on TV but it seemed that either AJ forgot her lines or was just really nervous because she stumbled big time during the promo.

Out comes Sheamus to a big time pop, During their exchange, Sheamus kept calling Daniel Bryan, Danny boy and it eventually caught on with the crowd saying it. He ended the promo saying he will kick Bryan's teeth down his throat at WrestleMania.

Mark Henry defeated R-Truth. This match just seemed like a way to get Henry his heat back after getting Rock Bottomed on Raw. The match was a squash that ended in about three to four minutes.

I'm not sure if they announced it before tonight, but they announced that Yokozuna will be getting inducted into the hall of fame which got a good round of applause from the crowd.

They showed Team Teddy backstage and Zack Ryder was trying to become a member. He said that he has a proposal for Teddy, if he got...