...and a bunch of red, white, and green balloons descended from the ceiling. Ziggler walked up the ramp as his music played. Then, all of a sudden, Del Rio re-emerged from backstage and attacked Ziggler from behind. He beat him down the ramp and back into the ring, where he and Ricardo worked him over. However, Ziggler soon turned the tables and Del Rio ate a fame-asser. The heels retreated up the ramp and Ziggler celebrated in the ring with the World Title.

There was no dark match after the show concluded.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It was a somewhat late arriving crowd, but by the time Smackdown started, pretty much every available seat was filled. The crowd stayed pretty hot for a while, but seemed to die after the Kane-Orton match. Overall, it was a decent show, except for The Shield loss. I can excuse having them lose to Bryan, since he's the hottest act in the company right now, but having them lose to a mildly-over Christian and the not-over-at-all Usos makes me fear that they're losing their mystique and turning into run-of-the-mill heels who trade pointless wins and losses with uninteresting babyfaces while feuding over meaningless secondary titles.

Biggest Pops:

- Orton

- Jericho

- Sheamus

- Bryan

Biggest Heat:

- Sandow

- Shield

- Del Rio

- Colter/Cesaro